Canadian Business Awards 2023

Media Innovator Awards 2022 7 “This new processing and recycling facility will provide an essential service that will allow commercial businesses, contractors, land developers, and residents the opportunity to divert construction waste from landfills and greatly diminish their environmental impact,” Ken states. “The facility will also process wood, asphalt, and concrete into mulch and gravel that will be sold onsite (or delivered), as well as send plastic, paper, steel, and organic materials to local partners for recycling to be further processed into new products.” As with many companies across all industries, Canor was forced to review and re-evaluate its product and service offering, supply chains, and daily operational practices when the Covid-19 pandemic struck. In 2021, the company expanded its operations to include a crushing facility for the onsite processing of aggregate materials to mitigate challenges related to supply chain disruptions and rising costs of aggregate crushing services resulting from the pandemic. Prior to this, Canor contracted a third-party service provider to crush and refine its aggregate materials. By integrating aggregate crushing Canadian Business Awards 2023 7 and screening services into the company, Canor has been able to increase production capabilities, mitigate third-party supplier risks, take control of inventory counts, and perfect the quality of aggregates used internally and sold to its customers. In 2020, Canor was recognised as one of the Top 100 snowploughing companies in North America by Snow Magazine. More recently, it gained further notoriety worldwide as it was named Best Landscaping & Civil Construction Firm – Northeastern Ontario in the Canadian Business Awards 2023. “We are proud of our success and will keep striving for a stronger future!” Ken enthuses. And with the way he has positioned his company, one can certainly expect to see increased success and further growth for Canor moving forward. Contact: Ken Sim Company: Canor Construction Inc Web Address: