Canadian Business Awards 2024

Corporate Vision Bev Standing Inc. is owned and operated by one person, Bev. Her varied career has involved work in marketing, Radio Drama production, and voiceover. Some of her training includes VoiceWorx, Second City (Toronto), Pirate Radio,), and the Toronto Academy of Acting. She has trained with numerous acclaimed voice actors Casting directors, and many other professionals, as well as attended numerous courses and workshops to develop her craft. She has worked with a wide range of global clients from smaller businesses to some of the most renowned companies in the world including Bosch, Hellman’s, Kellogg, Kraft, Olay, and Kaleida Health. Her vocal work can be found on television and radio advertisements, e-learning, explainer videos, audio description, museum tours, onhold messaging, medical narration, and YouTube videos, to name a few. Whether for a commercial, friendly message at the end of the phone, or vital training, Bev prides herself in performing her art form with confidence and integrity. Bev shares, “I believe in collaborating with my clients not just doing a job. I’m reliable, professional, and I have a high level of commitment to the voiceover craft. I believe in the human voice and the creativity and the magic that can happen. Over time, I have not only grown my skillset, but my connections in the industry. If my voice isn’t the right one then I know a person to help and will connect my client with them to make sure they get quality talent for their project.” From her home studio, Bev works directly with clients to record quality audio for their projects, collaborating in real time for valuable feedback and direction. This practice ensures that the client receives an ideal result that perfectly captures the meaning behind their message. With her industry knowledge and expertise, Bev has developed a versatile sound that delivers the required impact for any project she touches. In the voiceover industry, the impact of AI and voice cloning cannot be overlooked. With today’s advanced editing tools and special effects, recordings can be created with ease and efficiency. Despite this, many computerised voices still require a human voice as the foundation for their development which has created more work for voice actors. On these developments, Bev says, “An AI voice is generally cheaper, but in my opinion not as good. There’s no connection and no authenticity in the reads and, in time, I trust that having a voiceover that is subpar will result in continuing to hire human. This is global and cost is generally the factor. Many are struggling around the world with the cost of living and everyone’s looking to save money. The issue in my eyes is that it’s the voice actor’s connection with the script that engages the listener to buy the product, remember As the daughter of an Advertising Executive who spent many hours in television studios, Bev Standing understands how vocal dynamics can impact the power behind a message. Bev discovered her passion for voice acting later in life and now employs her voice to forge deep connections with listeners. She works directly with advertising agencies, agents, audio engineers, and producers, recording quality audio from her professional home studio. It is Bev’s mission to be heard around the world and to amplify the human emotion in clients’ work. Bev Standing is passionate about collaboration and creating desirable results that perfectly convey a message. For her outstanding vocal talent, we have bestowed on Bev Standing a Canadian Business Award. Voice Actor of the Year 2024: Bev Standing the sound, love the video game character, etc. and this will end up costing the client money in lost sales.” Renowned for her professionalism and impeccable timing, Bev Standing is an award-winning voiceover artist that uses her impressive range to foster authentic connections with listeners. Through her masterful work, she delivers a professional service and maintains transparency throughout all her operations. It is Bev’s overarching goal to share clients’ important thoughts, transforming their messages with the emotion and versatility of her voice. For her passionate vocal work, Bev Standing has received our award for Voice Actor of the Year. Contact: Bev Standing Company: Bev Standing Inc. Web Address: