Corporate Coaching and Recruitment 2023

Most Innovative Sales Training & Business Consulting Firm 2023 Consultation, training, and facilitation expert Rachele Soliera draws from a wealth of experience, with previous positions being held at both Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson, where during a 20year journey, the roles Rachele encompassed became increasingly important until she reached the pinnacle, securing Sales and Trade Marketing Director of Johnson & Johnson’s Vision Care division. Shifting paths from corporate roles into advisory & training, Rachele’s goals remained clear, and she set about leveraging this experience and exploring business reorganization, empowering companies with solutions that are effective and tailored to every individual. A steadfast commitment to delivering services of the highest calibre has resulted in each client being viewed as a dedicated partner, with Rachele delving deeper into every partner’s unique challenge and requirement. It is this hunger for more and keenness to remain ahead of the curve that led to Rachele’s Lego® Serious Play® (LSP) certification in February 2016, with this pioneering solution driving communication, thinking, and problem solving through the use of Lego pieces, assisting businesses in the enhancing of their strategies and performance. LSP opened a pivotal door for Rachele, and a few short years later, she had completed all of the advanced certifications, as well as other human-centric, agile methodologies. Spurred on by these newfound methodologies and knowledge, Rachele created the trademarked Sales Design Process® (SDP), an experimental training programme that expertly combines established sales techniques with innovative and experiential approaches and fresh tools, all with an undercurrent of inclusion. SDP is an incredibly useful tool for salespersons, enabling them to explore in-depth the go-to-market strategy, generate awareness about the company’s standing within the market, strengthen people skills, and ultimately remedy the key challenges that will promote positive and sustainable results. Another key element reinforcing Rachele’s success is her status as proudly independent, affording her the opportunity to extend her services to a diverse array of customers, offering them personalised sales and marketing training/coaching programmes, strategic consultancy, and workshops on elements focusing on the organisation and other generalised business topics. Further distinguishing SkillmeUP in a highly competitive industry is its size, with this sophisticated, advisory boutique providing the intimacy and personalised solutions of a small business on a global scale. Rachele believes her career to have been defined by a process of constant learning and unlearning, anchored in the firm belief that remaining adaptable is at the heart of this sustained success. She explains, “my unwavering commitment to my clients throughout all project phases sets me apart, ensuring a consistent focus on their unique needs. Clients recognise my strong flexibility and keen ability to understand their requirements and desired outcomes. These characteristics allow me to design effective, personalised projects and consistently deliver outstanding results.” This ethos stands Rachele in good stead when she begins working on a new project or programme, with a series of key methods striving to underpin a strategic, empathetic approach. Kicking this process off is thorough understanding, with an in-depth data collection carried out that is focused squarely on the customer. From here, empathy and active listening is key, with Rachele putting herself in her clients’ Rachele Soliera is the mastermind behind SkillmeUP Inc., focusing on the field of business consultancy, sales training/coaching, and team facilitation, all bolstered by extensive experience within the sales domain. Across these areas of expertise, Rachele is highly qualified in such next-level techniques as Lego® Serious Play®, Design thinking, and Business Design, which, when combined with her background, gives Rachele the necessary skills to successfully navigate the complex challenges that define the industry. It was April 2023 when Rachele made the decision to expand her brand across the US, moving to Florida and starting SkillmeUP to achieve this very aim. We have the pleasure of catching up with Rachele, who provides valuable insight into her areas of expertise, operations, and the factors that have led to her success in the market.