Corporate Coaching and Recruitment 2023

Most Client-Focused Leadership & Coaching Program 2023 - Canada With over 150 years of collective wisdom, elevate2Great (e2G), a division of SwitchGear Ltd. has made a discernible difference not only to Canadian companies but to companies in the US, Europe, and Asia. The Most Client-Focused Leadership & Coaching Program 2023 – Canada, has been awarded to e2G because of the level of personalization and value that is offered. There are two sides to this powerhouse. SwitchGear Ltd. is tuned to the heartbeat of the industry. They offer services such as organisation design and optimisation, customer journey mapping, contact centre strategies, process improvements and leveraging AI capabilities to improve the employee and leader experience. elevate2Great, the award-winning division of SwitchGear Ltd., offers a tiered level of programs under the banner of the Elevate to Great Leadership and Coaching Series. In a nutshell, it is an ecosystem for continuous improvement. The foundational base of the series is the creation of the Customer Experience Blueprint. Having this blueprint in place shortens the learning curve and accelerates the building of skill without sacrificing quality. It starts with a few key principles that drives its effectiveness. 1. A GOLD standard of a customer experience viewed from the customers’ lens. 2. It is function agnostic. The same standard drives consistency in customer experience across the organization. 3. Alignment is achieved at all levels with a common language. 4. The techniques designed are repeatable and can be personalized to accommodate different customer moods and situations. Once this alignment has been achieved, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified Elevate to Great Leadership and Coaching Series is taught to leaders. This is a tiered series starting with the first level called Coaching Fundamentals. Often there is variability in the leadership and coaching styles across large populations of leaders within any given company. The objective of the program is to drive continuous improvement of results, such as customer and employee satisfaction, revenue, and efficiency. Engaged employees are created when e2G methods and techniques are integrated into day-to-day interactions. The coaching that is delivered is warm and conversational, ranging from 3 to 20 minutes. This ensures that a specific and targeted commitment has been gained. After a period, post-graduation, advanced content for leadership, management activities and coaching are introduced in the program called Next Level Leadership. This program is delivered internally with the help of e2G Master Coaches. To run these programs, internal candidates are certified by e2G Master Coaches so they can onboard new leaders and drive continuous improvement with graduated leaders. As the coaching, management and leadership content is packaged in a ‘Grab and Go’ format for the internal certified candidate, it ensures consistency across large populations of leaders. The last program in this series is for the Executive Team called Support to Sustain. It offers strategies and mechanisms to reduce the perception of competing priorities and ways executives can leverage existing concepts and tools to embed changes into their organization. This sounds like a great series, but does it work? To measure the effectiveness of their programs, elevate2Great strategically joined forces with AmplifAI, an innovative AI company. While elevate2Great focuses on enhancing leaders’ coaching skills, AmplifAI assesses the coaching effectiveness of each leader. This collaboration provides organizations with immediate insights into the tangible return on investment for the considerable resources and dollars invested in coaching. With this valuable addition to their toolkit, elevate2Great clearly demonstrates its commitment to empower organizations and cultivate the leaders of tomorrow. Being awarded a Client Focused Leadership & Coaching Program wouldn’t be complete without a few words from their clients. Below are some client reactions. The e2G program was an amazing development tool. I am grateful for the structure the program has given to my coaching. I learned to elevate my coaching so that it was trackable and actionable for the agents. Before I felt I was frequently coaching and blindly hoping it was working. I am glad I was part of this program as this pushed me to challenge my views about coaching and helped me to be a proactive coach and induce motivation in my sessions. I believe in maintaining mental When Fortune 500 companies need fresh ideas and thought leadership to drive and sustain changes in their organization, their ‘go to’ partner is elevate2Great, a division of SwitchGear Ltd. Forward thinking companies know that their first and second-line leaders drive transformative change. To build this bench strength of effective leadership and coaching skills, elevate2Great installs a proven ecosystem that drives consistency in customer and employee experience. elevate2Great is proud to stand behind its game changing program and sustainable results. Through their thought leadership and innovation, they have inspired a higher standard of leadership and raised the bar for future leaders. Below, we explore what elevate2Great has to offer.