Corporate Coaching and Recruitment 2023

Dec23176 Headquartered in Maidstone, Complete Care Recruitment Ltd. is a recruitment agency that provides fully compliant and professional staff members to care companies across the Kent region. Whether the client needs to recruit on a temporary or permanent basis, the agency is proud to offer an outstanding level of service. Here, we dive deeper into Complete Care Recruitment and its work. Established in 2019 by Founder and Director Cara Cole, Complete Care Recruitment Ltd. is a recruitment company that strives to fulfil all the staffing requirements of residential care homes, nursing homes, learning disabilities and supported living providers. Whether they are in need of short-term emergency staffing or seeking a new permanent team member, clients can trust that the company will provide them with the best candidates, from managers and senior care staff to healthcare assistants and support workers. At the helm of Complete Care Recruitment, Cara works alongside an exceptional leadership team who have accumulated many years of experience working in the sectors of recruitment, HR, and care. This means that everything the agency does is driven by a deeply personal understanding of what it’s like to work in care, what is required by its clients, and how important it is to have the right staff and support for both client and candidate. With an intrinsic passion for the field, it is no surprise that the company is committed to delivering the highest standard of service to all parties, which it achieves in a number of ways. Firstly, when Complete Care Recruitment takes on a new client, its initial plan of action is to visit their establishment in person. In this, its goal is to learn more about their staffing needs, priorities, workplace environment, and culture. With this information, the company will be able to match the client with the right candidate when the urgent need for staffing arises. Moreover, to ensure the quality of its candidates, Complete Care Recruitment maintains a rigorous registration process focused on thoroughness and accuracy. With an in-depth knowledge of all the precise documents and certifications that candidates need to legally work in the field and comply with CQC standards, the company ensures that they are properly interviewed, referenced, and DBS checked. Complete Care Recruitment also works to gain an understanding of the candidate’s background, desires, passions, and areas of work, enabling it to effectively match them with the right employer. The company cares about its employees and strives to ensure that they are happy at work, treating them as valued members of the team regardless of when they joined the agency. Complete Care Recruitment is proud to attract many candidates through word of mouth, which demonstrates its success in building a company culture that staff are proud to be part of and are keen to share with their friends and associates. Furthermore, due to the challenging and complex nature of the care industry, Complete Care Recruitment believes in the importance of training, education, and development. For this reason, it is committed to ensuring that all candidates are equipped with the most up-to-date training, bolstering their ability to carry out their job to a high standard. Complete Care Recruitment has an excellent in-house trainer who continuously provides a number of mandatory courses, including manual handling, first aid, and basic life support. The company is also prepared to source externally to provide candidates with training in specialist areas, including learning difficulties, dementia, mental health, and more. Committed to supporting the growth and success of its industry, Complete Care Recruitment offers an apprenticeship scheme, through which it provides “on-the-job” training and development to candidates who lack the necessary experience but demonstrate the right attitude and desire to work in care. The company is keen to provide these individuals with the opportunity to expand and develop their existing knowledge. Overall, Complete Care Recruitment sets itself apart from other care recruitment agencies through its dedication and passion, enabling it to deliver excellence to candidates, clients, and end users alike. They was awarded in 2022 in the Top 100 Social Care Awards as the “premiere supplier award for Recruitment” , and now also for its outstanding work, the agency has been named Best Health & Social Care Recruitment Company, South East England, as part of the Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2023. In the years ahead, Complete Care Recruitment plans to continue delivering outstanding services and hopes to gain further recognition for its work. Contact: Cara Cole Company: Complete Care Recruitment Ltd. Web Address: Email: [email protected] Best Health & Social Care Recruitment Company 2023 - South East England From left to right: Charlotte Hicks, Karen Greenfield, Cara Cole & Ebony Fletcher