Corporate Coaching and Recruitment 2023

Nov23176 Across England’s cybersecurity consultancy landscape, Prefort Consult Limited stands as a cut above the rest, a cybersecurity enabling organisation that is built upon a tripodal approach to delivering its excellent services. Steadfast in its mission to educate, engage, and elevate people and their companies alike on the necessity of security, the team serve to ensure that the chances of an attack in this space are significantly reduced or eliminated. Proud to have aided both technical and non-technical people alike in achieving their goals, the team have also helped businesses to achieve due diligence, ensuring their obligations are met, as well as offering a plethora of insightful training services to aid individuals in securing their dream jobs. Spurred on by a drive to offer maximum profitability through the identification and protection of the critical assets that afford client businesses sustenance, the team at Prefort Consult work closely with business owners to foster sustainable engagement and enable maximum profitability levels, all through a service that is delivered with integrity and produces continuity in its results. From training opportunities to services that benefit the cybersecurity of partner firms immeasurably, the company today offers more than 170 detailed training courses (free & paid) and has served almost 900 customers across the world with the more than 500+ cybersecurity experts it has created. For those seeking a service that can bolster their own online security, Prefort Consult has the solutions, with one such example being its all-round network protection service. Through this offering, the team combine several layers of security measures ranging from safeguarding networks to data breaches, unauthorised access, and protection from other such cyber threats. This process is ongoing and requires constant monitoring, updating the security measures and remaining vigilant to the plethora of new and emerging threats. The end goal of this is to help companies assess their risk to various threats and attacks, easing their worries. Another key offering serves to assess an organisation’s cyber risk through an effective assessment tool that is utilised to identify, estimate, and prioritise said risks across operations, assets, individuals, other organisations, and even the wider nation, so that they can be managed down to a T. With this knowledge in toe, the team can then set about guiding clients throughout the process on the level of risk within their firm, and how best to treat, accept, transfer , and even avoid it, where possible. In the same vein, a vulnerability assessment can also be carried out, with this software identifying weaknesses within an enterprise’s assets, followed by a subsequent analysis of solutions in order to reduce these vulnerabilities within an agreed timeframe. The final service on offer is called a cybersecurity gap analysis, and this solution enables partner companies to identify areas to improve regarding their security controls, to make sure that these are up-to-date, robust, and effective in managing the company’s security requirements. Each of these offerings demonstrably assist organisations in identifying gaps in their processes, with Prefort Consult’s team of experts leveraging their industry expertise, first-hand experiences, and a deep understanding of the best methods to provide stellar roadmaps that benefit a company’s cybersecurity. In addition to the above, the firm’s offerings also take the form of a maturity assessment, compliance auditing, Cyber Essentials Certification, and ISO 27001 internal auditing again, serving to showcase the firm’s drive to be a one-stop-shop for all cybersecurity needs. Prefort Consult’s aforementioned training services too serve to distinguish it from other such organisations, with these taking strides in fortifying the future of cybersecurity through individuals seeking to receive their big break in the industry – for both non-IT and IT inclined applicants. A series of trainings are available, including, “Getting into Cybersecurity”, “Accelerated Cybersecurity Training”, “Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Techniques, and “Cloud Security Training”. eBooks, templates, and video tutorials are available to further aid those learning, and the company’s connecting those aspiring to work in the industry with firms seeking apprentices represents an unbridled commitment to filling the gaps present in the sector. With a range of services to boot, expert training, and the shouldering of the responsibility for assuring the bright future of the cybersecurity industry, Prefort Consult Limited is a company that has carved out a place for itself at the forefront of the industry In doing so, has established itself as being worthy of this award. As battling against cybersecurity threats becomes an increasingly complicated process heading into the future, those taking advantage of the firm’s services can remain confident their best interests are being taken care of. Contact: Saheed Jimoh Company: Prefort Consult Limited E-Mail Address: [email protected] Web Address: Cybersecurity Consultancy of the Year 2023 - South East England Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards 2023 23