Corporate Coaching and Recruitment 2023

Nov23135 Dr. Wasit Prombutr heads up a team of management development consultants and management coaches, whose expertise operating in a host of professions over more than two decades has solidified his two businesses, Life Alignmentor and 10X Consulting, as true standouts in the field of global leadership and team coaching. With a commitment to bringing international standard management science to the forefront of ideologies across organisations in Thailand, the positive changes Dr. Prombutr can bring about stem from the alliance ideology, which uses a certain management development methodology in order to help clients recognise their purpose and carry out their working lives effectively on their own terms. We speak with Dr. Prombutr, in order to learn more about his solutions, service, and prowess within the industry. Boasting consultants and coaches taken directly from internationally accredited bodies, Dr. Wasit Prombutr’s Life Alignmentor possesses the vision that one day everybody will be passionate enough to want to transform their own lives, and the company has made it its mission to simplify this transformation so that it may be undertaken easily and effectively, providing its clients with the rich resources necessary for said transformation. Similarly, Dr. Prombutr’s 10X Consulting strives to be the world’s leading provider of performance excellence solutions, with the team offering the highest calibre of OKR (objectives and key results) consulting services in Thailand, setting a world class standard in the process. Across both of these businesses, a series of transformational services are on offer that demonstrably benefit both individuals and teams, with Dr. Prombutr’s personal transformation operating in order to develop the correct mindset and skillset that empowers the mastering of the power of the mind in order to constantly feel happy. Moreover, the team’s entrepreneurship transformation services aid immeasurably in a business or side hustle, enabling the mastering of the business’ products and services, while the personal advising, coaching, mentoring, and consulting offerings completing this service trio help to develop strengths, growths and beliefs to build better relationships and be in control. In order to distinguish both of his companies in such a competitive environment, Dr. Prombutr offers a multitude of services that are carried out by a multi-disciplined team, and as he explains, his teams prioritise the unique through the use of a sentence that is ingrained in the minds of all who work for him. “Understand customers for Need fulfilment with Integrated and Quality approach[es] to Unleash people’s potential and to deliver Extraordinary results.” This approach is central when undertaking a new project and client, where the team’s then use two additional core signature processes to yield an outcome of overall success, facilitation for transformation and stakeholder-focused coaching/mentoring. Creating value for stakeholders is another top priority for Dr. Prombutr and the team, and this is something done every day. The team is always expanding, and the Dr. is looking for those with passion and care to join this workforce, rewarding them with opportunities to, “learn, develop their skills, and advance their careers, with an unwavering commitment to equal pay and to creating an inclusive work environment”, thus attracting the industry’s best talent. An excellent work culture is also developed that prides the personal, the unique, contributions of all, constant learning, leading by example, collaboration, feedback, and effort appreciation. As for the future, Life Alignmentor is seeking to create a world-class people transformation and coaching service, whereas 10X Consulting aims to set the standard for OKR consulting services across Thailand. For the rest of 2024, these are set to go hand-in-hand with, the extracting of knowledge, participating in the development of thriving ecosystem thanks to partnerships, the further development and delivery of expert knowledge, nurturing of a learning community through online means, and finally, the running of activities that support the development of soft and hard skills. Through this plethora of aims, Dr. Prombutr is solidifying his unbridled commitment to the cause, developing his teams across the board. Quintessentially, Dr. Wasit Prombutr has succeeded in developing two fantastic coaching organisations that set the standard for excellence, not only across Thailand, but also the wider region. For this reason, Dr. Prombutr has established himself as being a worthy winner of this award, and we wish him and the teams at both of his companies the uppermost success in their future endeavours, and eagerly await what their journey holds next. Contact: Dr. Wasit Prombutr Company: Life Alginmentor by Dr. Wasit Prombutr/10X Consulting by Dr. Wasit Prombutr Web Address: / Global Leadership & Team Coach of the Year 2023 (Thailand): Dr. Wasit Prombutr