Corporate Coaching and Recruitment 2023

practical leadership roles in engineering, manufacturing and operations. They utilise this experience to help clients accelerate and secure their digital transformations. The team drive innovation across their client base, whilst at the same time keeping their feet on the ground with practical outcomes and changes. Nick Leeder concludes, “The UK Government recently announced the Advanced Manufacturing Plan with £4.5 billion of investment for UK manufacturing businesses over the coming years. Sustainability goals like net-zero and the push for Industry 4.0 present considerable opportunities for UK manufacturing. Industry investment with government support is vital to ensure “UK PLC” can deliver on its ambitions and targets. We will be expanding our offerings to help companies not only focus on the opportunity around digital transformation but also lay the foundation for a sustainable future.” Spearheaded by Founder Nick Leeder, the business will continue its relentless pursuit of business benefits from digital transformation, emphasising people and the impact that Industry 4.0 can have on their organisations. It is Nick Leeder and Co.’s mission to help manufacturers realise the exciting opportunities available to them with new and emerging technologies. By working with industrial companies and using leading frameworks such as the Smart Industry Readiness Index, Nick Leeder and Co. delivers significant business results to organisations, helping them sustainably improve their operating margin and overall competitiveness. In recognition of his global leadership, Nick Leeder has received our award for this year’s Best Industrial Digital Transformation Coach. Contact Details Contact: [email protected] Company: Nick Leeder & Co. Limited Web Address: Dec23004 Best Industrial Digital Transformation Coach 2023 Nick Leeder and Co. helps industrial companies unlock the opportunities that digital transformation enables and turns them into sustainable benefits. The team provides coaching, leadership and transformation “co-piloting” services to help clients improve operating margins, through improving quality, increasing efficiencies and productivity. With an emphasis on people, the business aims to cut through the complexities of Industry 4.0 and other business imperatives to focus on what digital transformation can do for its clients. Since the early 2000s, Founder Nick Leeder has been collaborating with manufacturers on their digital transformations using the formula: NT + OO = EOO, meaning New Technology + Old Organisation = Expensive Old Organisation. Over 20 years later, this formula continues to help businesses implement their industrial digital transformation strategies and achieve scalable results. The consultancy’s unique approach focuses on putting people at the heart of digital transformation and the business outcomes they can achieve. The team works closely with clients to help them implement change and offer key insights into the ever-evolving world of industrial digital technologies. With decades of industrial operational experience, Nick Leeder and Co. understands business risks and the intricacies of managing organisational change. The company works closely with clients to develop crystal clear, outcome-driven roadmaps that align people with these new technologies in their organisations. Founder Nick Leeder shares, “By engaging and listening, we create the “spark” that helps our clients be clear on what they need to achieve. We visualise their problems, goals, and challenges and are clear on their barriers to success. This happens at all levels relevant to their transformation, from the board room to the shop floor. We then “ignite” our clients’ transformation by connecting their financial goals and KPIs to how digital transformation can help improve their performance. By comparing their maturity against industry peers, we help prioritise where they need to focus to achieve the greatest results. Collectively, we agree on the roadmap for transformation to rapidly deliver value. We always put people at the heart, to ensure the opportunities are realised into tangible and sustainable benefits.” Nick Leeder is an internationally renowned thought leader on this topic, who has been at the forefront of global digital transformations for many years. Nick’s extensive experience has helped numerous manufacturers unlock opportunities with digital transformation in a scalable way. His expert team of associates have in-depth industry knowledge and an eye for prioritising business outcomes. The team is built from like-minded leaders who inspire each other by their desire to make a substantial difference to clients’ organisations. Nick Leeder and Co. recruits professionals who can seamlessly blend into its culture and align with its core values. Many clients who approach Nick Leeder and Co. are frustrated by their competitors’ lack of operational focus and use of unnecessary buzzwords. Most of the team at Nick Leeder and Co. come from Nick Leeder & Co. empowers industrial companies to leverage digital transformation to deliver high-impact operating improvements and growth. Amongst all the digital transformation buzzwords, the consultancy helps companies to better navigate this intersection of business benefits and digital technology. At Nick Leeder & Co., the team guides clients to exciting opportunities to release untapped value in their business. With over 25 years of industrial experience, they co-pilot their clients’ transformations that utilise new technologies and keep focus on business outcomes. Nick Leeder’s inspirational leadership has led him to receive our award for this year’s Best Industrial Digital Transformation Coach.