Corporate Coaching and Recruitment 2023

Nov23264 Throughout history, there has never been a time when things are developing faster than they are today. Directors, managers, and team members alike are juggling challenges in their personal and professional lives, and with the calls that are made in a business setting sometimes being worth thousands of dollars at time, there is no room for error in the quick decisions that have to be made. As such, stress or internal negative selftalk, such as “you’re not good enough”, has to be eliminated as not to get in the way of these important decisions. Steadfast in helping clients achieve this is the Think Yourself Academy, a business spearheaded by Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas, which offers keynotes, training, cutting-edge online courses, focused business strategies, and one-onone transformation coaching services that change lives. Determined to help people switch off that internal panic button, manage their stress levels, and increase their confidence and performance levels through positive change, Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas and the team at the Think Yourself Academy strive to assist in the unlocking of an individual’s full potential. We have the pleasure of speaking with Nathalie, who sheds some interesting insight into the unconventional way she became the confident person that she is today, passing this skill to others who seek out the services she and her business so expertly provide. If not for the following, it is unlikely that Nathalie would be the person that she is today, a CEO, best-selling author, and all-round confidence expert. This story dates back to the days when Nathalie had not long started teaching fitness at a Toronto gym. By her own admission, Nathalie was not a very confident individual at this time, but something important happened in the period between her pleading with her boss not to remove her classes because of low numbers and being awarded Canada’s “Fitness Instructor of the Year” less than 12 months later. The gym she was working at had introduced recently introduced a new dance programme, and to demonstrate it, the team performed at the Greater Toronto area’s next instructor meeting. In front of approximately 100 fitness professionals, Nathalie gave the performance her all, and just as she started to feel comfortable with the routine, she felt the eyes of everybody in the room turn her way. Ecstatic, she beamed internally, “Oh my gosh, they’re so impressed with my dance skills! They had no idea I was this good at dancing!” With the energy that was radiating from the audience in her mind for weeks after, this experience served as a real turning point for Nathalie. She explains, “I started strutting around in the gym and putting my hand up to become team leader, I was so confident that my teaching style exploded, and my classes started to get packed.” A few weeks later, when chatting to a colleague in the locker room, Nathalie found out that, unbeknownst to her, she had suffered a considerable wardrobe malfunction over the course of that routine, and the shocked faces of those in attendance were reacting in such a way because of this, not her fantastic dance skills. Following an initial moment of embarrassment, Nathalie was struck by the realisation that, malfunction or not, she had become the queen of the gym, and still felt absolutely amazing. This served as a catalyst for her studying neuroscience and the brain, something she now shares with her clients and the readers of her 12 international #1 bestselling books. Although she had reached the top of the fitness world, Nathalie did not feel fulfilled with helping people solely improve elements of their diet or squat in a different way, rather, what she knew her clients sought the most was Nathalie helping to change the way that they thought. Switching the spandex for suits and dumbbells for pen and paper, Nathalie utilised her certifications in the fields of neurolinguistics and coaching, in addition to her health and wellness experience, to craft a holistic experience that aids people in reaching their full potential. Nathalie continues to teach fitness classes after more than 33 years, with this serving as an excellent introductory platform for those initially setting out on the path to transformation. Finally, one of the elements of her career that she is the proudest of is the Think Yourself Positive for Kids programme, whereby Nathalie works closely with schoolchildren in order to assist them transform their inner language in order to build self-esteem and perseverance. Contact: Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas Company: Think Yourself Academy Web Address: Most Empowering Confidence Coach 2023 (North America) & Best Life Coaching Certification Organization 2023 - North America: Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas Think Yourself Academy Corporate Coaching & Recruitment Awards 2023 27