Corporate Coaching and Recruitment 2023

Nov23331 Tamara Kerr, the owner and operator of Tamara Kerr Consulting, is an Organisational Development Consultant, Coach, and Master Trainer. Tamara Kerr Consulting provides training and coaching solutions designed to target the sources of human behaviour and help individuals and organisations develop the essential skills of communication, performance, and leadership. Under Tamara’s focused direction, its solutions foster accountability, encourage open communication, nurture influential leadership, improve productivity, and increase customer and employee satisfaction and engagement. Tamara Kerr’s client-centric approach has led her to receive our award for Communications Coach of the Year (Canada). It is Tamara Kerr’s mission to transform lives by helping individuals create and implement key behaviours and habits. The team helps people escape the cycle of short-term problem solving and generates solutions that set organisations on the path to success. Tamara Kerr teaches vital skills to handle situations that arise in the workplace and in life, such as disagreements, stress, and change. Using world-class approaches based on leadership influence and dialogue, individuals can overcome these challenges and achieve better results in all areas of their lives. Tamara Kerr crafts unique learning experiences that combine connection and community to create in-person, virtual, and online public and private inhouse workshops and events. The company offers six award-winning leadership training programs: Crucial Conversations, Crucial Accountability, Influencer, Getting Things Done, The Power of Habit, and Core Strengths. These programs have been created with leaders and frontline employees in mind, allowing them to develop the necessary skills to improve their team’s performance, build a culture of accountability, and institute long-lasting change. Other services include on-demand coaching and thought leadership speeches designed to inspire and mobilise organisations to action. For over 20 years, the business has cultivated skills to help clients achieve their life goals and ambitions. Coaching sessions focus on enhancing performance, communication, and relationships, as well as mindfully navigating change. Tamara Kerr understands that to become successful, leaders must become experts at guiding their workforce through change. Based on years of social science research, its speeches share crucial insights, best practices, and tools to establish unity and engagement. Owner Tamara Kerr shares, “The success of our social organisations begins and ends with people. Our courses help organisations build healthy and high-performance cultures by teaching people behaviours that have a dramatic effect on outcomes. Our courses in communication, performance, sales, and leadership are renowned for being fun, human, highly relatable, impactful, and even life changing. And when lives change, everything changes.” With countless courses and training options available, choosing a provider can feel like swimming in a sea of skills. The team at Tamara Kerr has utilised their extensive experience and industry knowledge to identify and curate skills that positively impact personal and professional development. By researching top performers, the business has identified the key behaviours that set successful organisations apart from the rest. Its courses have a profound impact on people’s lives, as proven through studies into human behaviour and data-driven results. Under Tamara Kerr’s influential direction, the company has become renowned in the industry as a leading provider of consulting and training. The team develops strong client relationships in order to discover organisations’ foundational needs. By understanding their internal culture and business dynamics, Tamara Kerr can ensure it generates impactful results to change lives for the better. Its course solutions work together to create an effective operating system that helps individuals and organisations unlock their full potential. On her aspirations for the future, Tamara says, “I have been expanding our business by offering group coaching to a smaller niche of career and entrepreneurial women, with a couple of new courses that address the distinct challenges females have in business and life. It has been tremendously rewarding to empower a specialised group of women to achieve their biggest goals with a focus on social psychology and the principles of influence. My private Facebook group, “Empowered Girl Gang; Ambitious Women With Big Goal Energy” has grown to over 3,700 members in the past year and is becoming a powerful social network of driven women supporting one another.” Tamara Kerr provides award-winning, on-demand courses and coaching aimed at fostering skills on communication, performance, and leadership. By understanding the hidden motivations that drive human behaviour, the business helps individuals and organisations create accountability, develop communication and leadership skills, increase efficiency, and boast employee satisfaction and engagement. With Tamara’s results-driven delivery strategy, she has helped numerous organisations improve their key behaviours and achieve sustainable success. We look forward to seeing how the business will further enhance its training and coaching solutions to support clients’ personal and professional development in the future. For her motivational leadership, Tamara Kerr has received our award for Communications Coach of the Year (Canada). Contact: Tamara Kerr Company: Tamara Kerr Consulting Web Address: Communications Coach of the Year 2023 (Canada): Tamara Kerr