Corporate Coaching and Recruitment 2023

George tells us, “8 key drivers provide the fastest, most effective way to scale and increase the value of your company”, and these are used with every client to give each partner organisation the best possible platform to thrive. Integral to this success is Compass Advisors and Consultants’ team, a group of proven individuals who, “share our values and practises to help our clients scale, build value, and position their companies for a lucrative exit when ready.” Hailing from backgrounds in sales, finance, and marketing, this team have solidified their reputation by building and improving a plethora of organisations over the past two decades, in the process becoming well-versed in what it takes to yield success for clients. This includes only working with a limited number of companies at one time in order to provide the highest calibre of service. In 2024, the team are seeking expansion, searching for candidates who can expertly aid the firm in achieving goals. Contact: George Farrall Company: Compass Advisors and Consultants Web Address: Dec23071 Best Sustainable Growth-Focused Coaching Services Company 2023 - New York & Leading Business Consulting and Service Organization 2023 - New York Compass Advisors and Consultants Change, by definition, is something that is messy and unpredictable by nature. At NY’s Compass Advisors and Consultants, there is a chief emphasis placed on guiding clients through changes to achieve higher performance and value. As experts at cutting through the chaos, the team takes great pride in their unique ability to help clients achieve the clarity they need around strategy, navigating a pathway to success that maximises a company’s value using proven, demonstrable methodology. Driven by a mission centred around eight key drivers of business value, the firm’s overarching intention is to help entrepreneurs bask in an excellent quality of life, both personally and professionally. We catch up with George Farrall, who tells us more about these expert offerings and the firm’s unbridled commitment to drive client growth. Compass Advisors and Consultants works with private, private equity, and ventured capital funded organisations in the 8 to 9 figure range that are seeking immediate or long-term growth, advising owners to operate with a “seller’s mindset” that can help them to secure the maximum value of their business. Bolstered by a specialised focus on value acceleration and exit strategy planning, the team take the necessary strides to effectively evaluate an enterprise, maximise its value, and assist in item transfer when the time comes. After all, as George describes, “succession and exit planning are essential parts of an excellent overall business strategy”. The company provides an array of services in the field of business consultancy, with one such offering being a business growth service, which harnesses the power of a series of innovative methodologies in order to capitalise on emerging solutions and ultimately propel a business towards unprecedented levels of success. Another solution is value acceleration, and through this, the team can aid their clients in the navigation of the ever-changing commerce landscape, thus accelerating the overall value of a business through this ultimately transformative strategy. Compass Advisors and Consultants’ growth capital service is too noteworthy, with this serving as a propellant when the business seeks the scaling up of its operations. Succession planning is something that is easy to delay to a later date due to more pressing concerns relevant to the present taking up valuable time, but across the intricate business landscape, succession must take centre stage. As George explains, this guarantees a “seamless transfer of power and responsibilities within an organisation.” In the same vein, the company’s exit planning strategy too aids immeasurably in traversing the maze of business ownership. In a notoriously competitive business environment, this team comprised of expert business strategists is distinguished by a commitment to helping owners accelerate growth and drive value, something that is undertaken so that accurate revenue and profits can be secured in addition to a great offer, when the owner believes it to be time to exit, two years or ten years down the line. For Geroge, “our secret sauce is the technology and experience we utilise to provide the results our clients are looking for.” Projects are also all approached on an individual basis, with the uniquity and personal touch that is required being customised to exceed the goals of each client. To ensure a successful outcome each and every time, no cookie-cutter approaches are used, customisation is favoured above all, and the proven strategies adopted by the company serve to provide a clear path for the protection, growth, and improved returns of a client’s largest asset – their company.