Corporate Excellence 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 117 CORP RATE VISION / Issu 11 2019 Working in Tandem comes to leading teams through complex, cultural change. Tandem Solutions have refined its approach to group coaching and is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this market need. Their solution looking forward is the idea of TandemCoaches™, with several recently certified to confirm that this would be a scalable solution. Over the next several years, Tandem Solutions intends to expand its network of TandemCoaches™ to develop leaders that can drive change in their own organisations. It seems that Tandem Solutions offers its clients the ability to make dramatic changes to their organizations, while ensuring that not only are the changes a success, but the business remains successful during the potentially difficult transition period. With its bespoke solutions based on a successful formula, it’s no wonder that Tandem Solutions has been able to sharpen its skills and push into new areas. With a rising interest in the services they offer, it looks like Tandem Solutions will be breaking new ground for years to come. Contact: Jan McCafferty Company: Tandem Solutions Web Address: Telephone: 7817293962 Most Outstanding Leadership Development Solutions Provider 2019 - Massachus tts