Corporate Excellence 2019

118 CORPORATE VISION / Global Excellence 2019 , CORPORATE VISION / Issue 11 2019 7 Sep19082 Next-Generation Waterproof Solutions With over 30 billion connected devices expected by 2020, it’s important that the electronics inside are protected from the water, from sweat and from corrosion. HZO protects electronics from the most demanding environments withworld-class nano coatings to enable a better, more durable product. We discover how they achieve this feat as we take a closer look at the company and the services they provide. In a world more de- pendant on electron- ics than ever before, it’s critical that our devices continue to function, no matter what. Whether it’s water, sweat or corrosion, HZO has been offering practical solutions for over a decade to protect what matters most to you from damage. Given its consid- erable experience with industries across the board, including con- sumer electronics, medical devic- es and automotive engineering, it is no surprise that the value of the brand continues to rise. A global leader in protective nano coatings, HZO uses its consider- able experience and patent port- folio to provide unique solutions to specific problems. They’ve worked for clients such as Dell, Netatmo, Rakuten Kobo and Nike to name but a few. Anything and everything from ear-buds to tab- lets to e-Readers to next-genera- tion smartphones are covered by HZO, as they offer new solutions to old problems. Their Spectrum of Protection™ is a clear example of this, with a range of protective coating solutions from a micron to a nano level that can meet the needs of the most demanding protection requirements. This suite of solutions allows manufac- turers to focus on the product and not its protection. HZO is a turnkey solution for its clients. Combing people, pro- cesses, equipment, and material science to protect what matters most to each of us. A veritable army of engineers, chemists, designers and researchers are involved in the quest to improve HZO’s technology on a daily basis. The level of service and innovation provided by the team is astonishing, pushing forward the technical capability of the company. They work along- side clients to provide the best possible protection and the best possible mass manufacturing implementation at a competitive price. Uniquely, the team at HZO design, build and maintain their own equipment, meaning clients deal with one united whole. With this design capability comes some of the largest coating chambers in the industry. Acting as a “one-stop-shop”, this approach allows the client to be assured of a consistent quality of product, with proven and repeatable processes used as the backbone of the business. This keeps customers returning as they themselves develop new electronic items that need protection from the hazards of the outside world. One of the early problems faced by HZO was helping the cus- tomer to adapt to new protection methods. In their own words, “Traditional methods of trying to protect a device fall short of market requirements – seals break, epoxy is messy, solutions are overall bulky. New molecu- lar-based coatings are what is required”. Despite seeming too good to be true, this radical ap- proach has allowed the compa- ny to offer a turnkey solution to clients, with easy integration into the production process. Many brands that only knew about certain forms of protection have been converted to the HZO way of thinking and this track record is talked about throughout the manufacturing and technology communities. Word of mouth has led to further engagement in a variety of different areas. The future looks bright for HZO as they begin to develop their turnkey solution to provide a better and more durable product for different clients in different ways. This would mean less unnecessary costs and higher revenue for clients, while also reducing costly returns. HZO is a company that has grown bigger and bigger over the years, doing one thing very well. It is why the brand has an increasing value on the street and why if it doesn’t say HZO, you’re not truly protected. Company: HZO Inc. Address: 5151 McCrimmon Parkway, Morrisville, 27560 Telephone: 9194390505 Website: