Corporate Excellence 2021

Aug21846 Easyray’s Quick and Capable Innovation Implementation Being a highly proactive and diligent company that works hard to secure its clients on their path towards further success, Easyray has made a name for itself as the ‘Most Innovative International Software Development Firm’ for 2021. Its efficient, exemplary, and highly knowledgeable solutions cover a wide range of different innovations that prove incredibly useful for clients across all manner of different fields and industries, fitting itself seamlessly around their existing operations in order to create an intuitive future for their business. Easyray, a Company made up of highly motivated professional people from top to bottom, is an exemplary company in the field of computer science and innovation. Fundamentally, its technologically advanced and exemplary solutions have secured this business’s place at the top of the market in creating, designing, and implementing ideas that foster the success of each of its clients in turn. It knows that each company and each professional is different, and so it offers highly adaptable and tailorable solutions at every turn in order to make it so that a client’s success it a sure thing, setting them on an exciting path fuelled by ingenuity and a client-first mentality. With a motto of ‘where ideas come to life’, Easyray believes in helping its clients to ‘create, design, develop, and succeed, implementing all manner of technological solutions in its client’s businesses that will sit seamlessly around their existing structure. It can create mobile apps, embedded systems, restaurant and delivery specific infrastructures, in-house order systems, customer apps, meetings apps, and even dating apps. This is – of course – also just a small snapshot of the kinds of things Easyray can create for a discerning client looking to truly change the game in its industry, and it welcomes a challenge, encouraging clients with big ideas to come and chat to it today in order to find out how it can help them. Moreover, with a huge amount of previous experience and gathered knowledge of its industry between its outstanding team, it aims to excel in every project and its staff helps it get there. Led by exemplary innovative mind Antonio Raimondo, this CEO is an expert in web solutions and intranet, as well as extranet, dynamic structures, NET, PHPO, ASP, RUBY, JAVA, Javascript, JQuery, and more, having been designing and construction applications for electronic commerce for years. His work has addressed solutions for Windows CE PDA and Palm OS both, as well as provided solutions for mobile and tablet – for both iPhone and Android. Aiming to excel in every project that it takes on from start to finish, Easyray’s highly motivated, professional, and expertly led team handle the provision of all manner of technological solutions from start to finish, ensuring that a client is completely happy before ever calling a job done. This has influenced the amount of clout it has in its industry significantly, as its clients leave it stunning reviews through online platforms and its website, and many of them go on to recommend it to peers and colleagues in their professional networks and wider sectors. Furthermore, Easyray has been able to take pride in the work that it does, standing tall amongst its competitors and raised up by the support of its clientele. This all started when the company began in 2001. Beginning at the turn of the century as it did, Easyray has been able to grow up alongside some of the world’s most outstanding breakthroughs, keeping a finger on the pulse of the latest updates and developments in order to keep itself highly competitive when it comes to the technological solutions it can provide its clients. At the very beginning, it was a freelance group, developing applications in everything from ASP to PHP, as well as JAVASCRIPT, C, and C++. This allowed it to grow from a humble starting seed and to cultivate these initial operations into what it would become in the future, keeping it to-scale and sustainable for its resource bank so that is never lost sight of its core focus on usability and the user experience. After all, the user experience is Easyray’s foremost priority; no matter the platform or technological solution it is using for a client, it will always ensure that it implements it in a way that is intuitive, accessible, and not bloated by unnecessary additional processes or information that could make it unwieldy. In this manner, Easyray develops the innovations of the future for its clients – each of whom go on to use its work to empower their ongoing successes – and it makes itself an exemplary business partner to them, resulting in a network of professional contacts that is only growing by the day.