Corporate Excellence 2021

Issue 11 2021 25 In 2006, this company joined the University of Pisa as a highly qualified and exemplary ICT group in order to help them with their restructure, project planning, and digitization goals. This is something that Easyray was determined to help with, and it conducted itself in such a manner that University was incredibly pleased with the resulting infrastructure, with Easyray creating an easy-to-operate and seamless new system called UniPOS that revolutionized the way the institution stored examination results. Now, under the new UniPOS system, each of these can be stored digitally and in such a way that tutors and professors will find easy and quick to navigate without having to sort through reems of endless physical files. Furthermore, the UniPOS system is now the official system of the Universities of Milan, Brescia, and Alma Mater in Bologna. This work bolstered the portfolio of Easyray to an exemplary degree, and allowed it to go on to catch the attention of larger and larger firms and corporations within its industry, so much so that in 2008, it was acquired by Consorzio Pisa Ricerche (CPR). Under Consorzio Pisa Ricerche (CPR), it became the IT department for the members found within the group; namely, Regione Toscana, the Province and the Municipality of Pisa, University of Pisa, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Scuola Normale Supe-than, CNR, and many more. With over 100 EU Projects under its belt, 150 national and regional projects, and 200 private projects, Easyray was able to detach from CPR in 2012 in order to become a totally independent brand bolstered by the knowledge and relationships it has gained over its time as part of CPR, continuing its collaboration with the University of Pisa. Moving forward towards where the company is now, Easyray is still working with CPR as an independent company and business connection, with more than 20 projects in the pipeline and a portfolio of over 40 private companies that laud its mobile application, web development, embedded systems, augmented reality, web design, web marketing, social media, POS, voice or data traffic monitoring and more as solutions at the top of its field. Company: Easyray Contact: Antonio Raimondo Website: Corporate Excellence 2021 43