Corporate Excellence Awards 2022

Issue 5 2022 17 Mar22672 Global Recruitment with a Personal Focus Marlin Selection, a recruitment agency that has become renowned as the ‘Best Specialist Commodities & Renewables Recruitment Firm’ for 2022, is a business that has expanded significantly since its inception. With an initial commitment to helping the renewable industry find the right candidates for the right job roles, this has since developed to serve a myriad of other industries and fields, in a global sense as well as in the UK. With the objective of forging a partnership based on consultancy, Marlin Selection offers a personal, tailor-made solution for recruitment. Fundamentally, Marlin Selection’s services focus on the fields of IT, HR, and energy transition, making for a culture of better recruitment processes for such sectors, allowing the right job roles to be found by the right people who will help the client to truly thrive. Empowered by its core principles of collaboration, co-operation, and communication, its skills and experience allow it to create the best experience for clients and candidates alike. Crucially, in studying the nuances of the market with an earnest dedication, it can analyse and review the nitty gritty of each job role. Thus, by operating in this manner, candidates can always rest assured that they know what they are signing up for to the letter, and clients can rest assured that the candidate has thoroughly understood what would be being asked of them were they to take the job. Upon listening to both parties with an open mind and empathic ear, its focused, qualitydriven approach enables businesses to build up the best teams made up of the most fitting people, both in terms of skillset and personality. Moreover, it works with a small number of clients at any one time to ensure that this personable, empathic way of working remains constant across all cases. Valuing honesty, integrity, and always going above and beyond, its skills lie in the provision of availability information, market information, and employment trend knowledge. In addition, all knowledge is given with confidentiality in mind. Critically, by working in this way, it keeps the trust of clients and candidates by combining ethics and commercial focus, each of which has only enhanced since its founding in 2009. Having expanded from its original focus on commodities and renewables, it now covers global sales, markets, and trade. Additionally, its positive, long-term working relationships have helped it to achieve a level of service that is unmatched by any other recruitment organisation, and its consultants have gained their own personal renown through the work they have conducted both before taking up position with the business and during. In this way, clients and candidates can expect to forge healthy, positive relationships with Marlin Selection’s outstanding team. These experts – the people who helped it pull through the pandemic with grit and determination – are an incredible example of the talent that is out there, and it is excited to help its clients find their own dream personnel, both internationally and within the UK. Company: Marlin Selection Contact: Tim Rust Website: