Corporate Excellence Awards 2022

Mar22671 Best Cloud-Based Construction Management Software Provider - 2022 Developed with the latest and greatest technology with the innate goal of delivering proper solutions to aid the elongated processes in the construction industry, Desarrollos Informáticos SHM S.L. - BrickControl has been established as the Best Cloud-Based Construction Management Software Provider for 2022. With BrickControl, its solutions allow companies to manage the entire cycle of a construction project simply by merging the company’s departments with a single software. Launched to aid the tediously complex processes within the construction industry, Desarrollos Informáticos SHM S.L. – BrickControl, has developed impactful solutions that support companies manage ever-tasking construction projects using a simple software system offered to clients with the addition of updates and implementation and support services. Financial Director David Jimenez Orte expands on his team’s commitment and dedication, allowing the company to successfully thrive, stating, “We have a team of experts who are passionate about each profession. Undoubtedly, some characteristics define our team and the company. Self-motivation is an important aspect: each team member is self-motivated to help builders in their projects and provide them with the best solution on the market; they give the best of themselves to achieve it.” BrickControl solutions offer five main components that assist in the ease of construction projects, including studies and planning, work execution, purchasing and logistics, administration and analysis. Each of these sections provides a unique and supportive solution for clients by creating budgets and managing day-today work such as machinery reports, project progress, and subcontractors’ management. Moreover, its solutions allow clients to analyse the materials needing to be purchased, along with generating orders to suppliers and will enable you to create purchase and sales invoices, integrating them automatically with accounting through its REST API approach. “We have the advantage of our experience in Cloud solutions for the construction sector for more than 12 years, which allows us to meet the demands required by the current market,” adds David. Essentially, with BrickControl, companies can automatically analyse any deviations in their construction projects, generating a series of indicators and supporting several sectors along the way. Developing these innovative and supportive solutions is a true testament to each individual’s skill and expertise; however, it was wholeheartedly done with one primary foundation in place – by considering customers as the main focus. “Our company continues to work with the same values and objectives as from the beginning to offer our customers the best construction software on the market at an affordable price for all companies. From the interactions with the client, we obtained the main aspects that the software should focus on to solve the main problems of a construction project and pose challenges to facilitate access to information, facilitate communication and ensure the safety of each construction project,” explains David. For the company, the most significant and noticeable trend in the industry has been the rise of technology, its advances and its improvement over the years with currently, implicating it to utilise for remote work. Due to Covid-19 and the fluctuating effects of the pandemic, various sectors and businesses have had to adapt and use this time to change founding matters, including the application of technology and integration it into modern working ethics. Essentially, the pandemic accentuated these aspects and accelerated the process of forcing technological development into several, if not all, business sectors – including BrickControl. David adds to this statement, saying, “The construction sector is not exempt, and it is hoped that the demands of users will increase in the coming years and with this, technology will improve, and the use of advanced digital tools will be essential in any project. Therefore, we aspire to continue improving to continue being a reliable and recommended solution for all types of projects.” Currently, for the company, BrickControl is launching a new interface that has been developed with the use of HTML5. With the use of its cutting-edge technology, the company aims to expand its network of partners and, overall, sustain contact with customers closely by continuing to offer consulting, training, support and customised demonstrations opening market in new countries and languages. With innovative advances in the pipeline, BrickControl is successfully and will undoubtedly remain a leader in the industry due to its recent recognition as The Best Cloud-Based Construction Management Software Provider of 2022 and its unmatched intellect. Company: Desarrollos Informáticos SHM S.L. - BrickControl Name: David Jimenez Orte Email: [email protected] Web Address: Desarrollos Informáticos SHM S.L. - BrickControl