Corporate Excellence Awards 2022

Issue 8 2022 7 Despite the inherent difficulties of expanding into a foreign market, Expandise has developed a system with a proven track record of success. Combined with the support and care it puts into the businesses it works with and the extra steps it takes to ensure its client’s success, its award for Best Boutique Business Expansion Consulting Firm 2022 in Germany is very well deserved. Contact: Nina Walters Company: Expandise Web Address: Jul22072 Expand with Expandise! many things to consider when taking that particular step, and often, businesses do not understand the intricacies until it is far too late. Companies need all the information and expertise they can muster for projects of this scale. The Best Boutique Business Expansion Consulting Firm 2022 – Germany, Expandise brings that and much more! Expandise is a partner in internationalising businesses. Its consultancy is customised, from international strategy and managing country rollouts to deep diving into market performance. Operating globally, it has built up over a decade of experience across 50+ markets, centred around – but not limited to – Europe and Asia. Any company looking to expand its scope to the world beyond its own borders should look no further. Expandise has all the help its clients may need at hand, having built an extensive network of global partners to facilitate this. These include tax experts, lawyers, trademark experts, HR services, and many more. Connecting its clients to the right resources is a point of pride borne of the enthusiasm Expandise has for the process of expansion. That passion underwrites every action Expandise performs. The team is highly driven when it comes to helping companies to understand other countries, their customers and their cultures – using that knowledge to help them grow. Guiding organisations on the delicate balance between scalability and local adaptation are what gets us out of bed in the morning and what gets you results. One of the first things Expandise does is assess whether the client business is prepared to make the leap. It focuses on a variety of crucial factors. It works to develop an overall international strategy and a GTM strategy for the chosen market they are looking to enter. Before anything, it does every bit of research it can to get to know its clients. Expandise is far from the type to appear, give a sales pitch presentation and be on its way again. It takes a very hands-on approach to this process, working closely with its clients before, during, and after to properly understand the business. From here, it ensures its recommendations are fine-tuned for their specific needs. One element Expandise looks out for is the human element. It is a people-focused organisation and its priority is ensuring the business and the team are both in a good place at every stage. Expandise takes great dignity in its work and doesn’t believe in half measures or compromising on the pathway to results. From there, Expandise employs its tried and tested framework, combining market, industry, and country data with the information it has gathered from the client’s business and culture. It determines which markets a client would be best to expand into, as well as how to best position their output. Whether the product or service is fine as is, or if it will need some local adaptations, Expandise guarantees it will lay a foundation for success long before any actions are taken. Having managed many launches and country operations, its team is very experienced. Whether the client needs a short-term Country Manager to kickstart operations or a Head of International to coordinate several new market entries, Expandise has them covered. Whether its client is expanding for the first time or already managing multiple markets, Expandise ensures they get it right. Working not just to provide information and guidance but to inspire the necessary internal change to deal with the potential chaos of a new market. Expandise helps implement the structures and processes needed to make an expansion work and has done so to great success over four continents. “Expand your business with us!”