Corporate Excellence Awards 2022

12 months, Arounen says, “I can say that he is very knowledgeable, methodical, and diligent in his approach.” Constructing plans with such a vast background of experience and dedication, Mr. McCash guarantees only the best for each company he works with. “He can easily combine science and business together and make it work. This I believe is a separate talent on its own” enthuses Arounen as he describes Mr. McCash’s approach. As an extension of this, Mr. McCash has built Sigma from the ground up and continues to nourish his creation. Promising brighter days for clients, Mr. McCash has made a name for himself both academically and professionally. His presence has been recognised as he is elected and appointed the Instiutte of Physics’ Group Chair of Mathematical & Theoretical Physics, a prestigious honour that reflects his many achievements. Sigma can work with any issue, from resource dynamics to modelling and prediction, complex system analysis to research acceleration, and much more. Mr. McCash tells us that a lot of businesses take preexisting models and they change some parameters to try and solve the issues. The problem with this is that businesses are trying to find solutions that inevitably miss the mark. Rather than trying to make something fit, Sigma takes all of the information and invents a new system to deal with the problem. All of this is done with intricate advanced mathematical modelling that is rapidly changing business’ capacity for development and problem solving. This tailor-made system is designed to greatly improve businesses and their industries, and Sigma has truly excelled in this area. Sigma is a business consulting firm that offers original ideas and innovative data analysis to a variety of businesses across many industries. Working with a variety of sectors from oil and gas to life sciences/ healthcare, green industries to agriculture/food and transportation/ infrastructure, Sigma understands the importance of mathematics for a plethora of businesses, sectors, and – most importantly – lives. With a team of mathematicians, scientists, engineers, data analysts, and data scientists, Sigma is a force to reckon with. Not only does it work to increase productivity and accuracy, but it guarantees increased traffic and revenue. Sigma believes that optimisation is one of the keys to success of a business – the entire team understands the pain points of their clients and they can solve any problem with a swift and intelligent combination of analysis methods and forward thinking. With a plan to continue aiding businesses in their endeavours, Sigma is determined to keep its skills streamlined and focused on problem solving. It is with great pride that we present Sigma with Most Innovative Leader in Business Analytics – 2022. Wishing Mr. McCash and the team at Sigma all the best as they all look to collaborate with universities and business in 2023. Contact: Luthais McCash Company: Sigma Solutions Web Address: Jul22286 Calm, Collected, Calculated The power of mathematics, science, and unwavering data analysis influences our world every day. Sigma Solutions (Sigma) offers bespoke services that echo how important the analysis and optimisation process is for individuals and businesses everywhere. Here we learn more about Sigma’s work under its strong leader, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Scientific Officer, Luthais McCash. Mathematicians, physicists, and engineers are a valuable asset to any team and, with their support, a company can truly flourish. Statistical analysis allows us to understand and forecast business trends and expansion; decision making strategy quantification ensures we understand risks; mathematical modelling and computational simulation helps us to develop bespoke solutions – all of these processes are reasons why Sigma Solutions (Sigma) is the consulting firm for better business. CEO and CSO of Sigma, Luthais McCash ensures that Sigma offers the best bespoke services to alter the trajectory of its clients’ business. With over a decade of entrepreneurial experience, and a degree in quantum physics, Mr. McCash understands how to push the boundaries of optimisation in business – in order to enhance outcomes for all. Mr. McCash began his career young and has always worked hard with regards to his academic achievements, gaining early career prominence in the field of mathematical biology where he constructed models in the field of cancer research. He successfully built and lead the developing mathematical models within the utilities sector to ensure that UK customers had sufficient energy at as low as possible price during the Beast from the East episode in 2018, and in a lesser case in 2019. He gained a fellowship for his achievements and developed proprietary IP for these mathematical models contributing to his current net worth exceeding 100 million GBP. Most recently, this year, Mr. McCash finished working with Arounen Arnasalon, Director at Adstrum Consulting. After working together for