Corporate Excellence Awards 2022

business. One of the core beliefs that drives the CEO is that career opportunities and advancement should be based purely on merit, regardless of demographic characteristics, and it is little surprise that the firm has many women in senior leadership positions. Equality is embedded at an operational level, through the various recruitment policies and HR processes in play. Looking ahead there are still more additions to the team’s suite of digital solutions still to be made, with a workforce that is still growing and must remain dynamic by definition. There is still enormous potential in what the team offer, and much that has yet to be made from the team’s market-leading technological infrastructure, services, and capabilities. For those who want to maximise returns, drive down costs and streamline business processes, the team at Goal Group should always be your first port of call. Company: Goal Group Name: Vicky Dean, Managing Director EMEA and Global Head of Client Services Email: [email protected] Web Address: Jun22093 The Future of Finance Fintech is always moving forward, and the best in the industry are always moving forward too. We take a look at Goal Group, leaders in withholding tax reclaims and securities class action recoveries, to see how they have provided unprecedented value to their clients. Named Best Cloud-Based Asset Servicing Software Provider – 2022 in Corporate Vision’s 2022 Corporate Excellence Awards, we thought it was the right time to catch up with the secrets of their success. At the forefront of how Goal Group operates is a desire to stay ahead of what the competition offers. Headquartered in London, with various offices in New York, Sydney, and Melbourne, the team are proud to offer a heady combination of innovative cloud-based technology, unparalleled industry knowledge and legal, tax and securities expertise, all built up over three decades. For this team, nothing is perfect, and they are always looking for the next big thing. The last few years have seen Goal Group totally revolutionise the way in which they work, with a fresh approach to their business, to their service model and to their environmental credentials. Key to this has been a digital transformation program which has opened the door to an extensive suite of cutting-edge digital solutions. These have set new industry benchmarks when it comes to efficiency, cost, service, and sustainability in both withholding tax reclaims and securities class action recoveries. For this intrepid team, technological and service excellence goes hand in hand. Such is the success of Goal Group that many of the major custodian banks, world’s top fund managers, all four of the US depositary banks, as well as hundreds of broker/dealers, private banks, and hedge funds rely on their efforts. They are drawn in by the long track record of success that has come from the team’s three cornerstone of the business, leadingedge technology, excellent client service and compelling, flexible pricing. Whilst the team are always looking forward, it is telling that many of their innovations are focused on serving the needs of their clients. Goal take the time to listen to the needs and preferences of those who use their services and use technology as an aid to business as opposed to a replacement for people. Real human connection is something that is irreplaceable when trying to create a bespoke experience. The team at Goal Group always understands the why, when, and how their clients are interacting with them, proposing ideas based on this. The journey towards digital transformation had already begun when the pandemic hit, but it was thanks to the innovative thinking of the team and their managed IT service provider BJSS that the firm was able to transition quickly and securely to a fully functional remote working model. For clients, Goal Group managed to act throughout the pandemic in much the same way as it had before, launching several new complementary services during the pandemic, such as Treaty Rate Manager (TRM), a digital application giving access to the firm’s in-house withholding tax reference database. The team also redeveloped their client portals on both sides of the business in order to provide a greater breadth of content, functions, and features to those who had wanted access. Whilst this mindset towards innovation is intrinsic to the success of Goal Group, embracing change on a conceptual level has involved taking people on the same journey as the