Corporate Excellence Awards 2022

Issue 8 2022 13 Jun22095 A Bright Future for JMWholesale The distribution industry relies on businesses being able to be flexible, reliable, and – most importantly – customer focused. As the Most Innovative Wholesale Distributor, 2022, JM Wholesale showcases its creativity in its services through distributing not only the right products, in the right way, but the best products. It seamlessly distributes its advanced goods and services with each customer in mind. Here we hear more from JM Wholesale as it wins this award. JM Wholesale does not settle for norms within the industry. We are constantly pushing boundaries and challenging ourselves to offer the absolute best services and programs. The award-winning Dropshipping service was launched in 2019. With over 500 partner websites linked directly to our 15,000 + products, many successful businesses have been built exclusively using our Dropshipping service. Brand Development Manager, Rob Oakley, informs us, “We have the largest integrated Drop-Shipping network with over 500 active partners. Giving our brand partners exposure to not only B2B customers but also capturing a large consumer market through the 500+ online stores. Boosting exposure to both retailers and end-users.” COVID-19 had a huge impact on online sales, thus propelling the Dropshipping program to new heights in a very short space of time and the number of partners more than doubled over a 6-month period – this has continued to grow month on month. We are always looking for ways to improve our current services by conducting client feedback surveys. What’s more, JM Wholesale’s Vape & CBD Whitelabel service was launched in 2019. It has quickly grown to feature the widest variety of products available from any manufacturer, with new options being added all the time. We now have an established R&D (research and development) team within our manufacturing department, whose goal is to create the most cutting-edge, premium products and recipes for our customers. This also means that we are able to offer totally customised options for virtually any type of item for vape and CBD options. To coincide with the success of our Whitelabel Manufacturing department, we have recently finalised the build of our own in-house, fully certified clean room laboratory space. This will take the capabilities of our R&D and manufacturing team to new levels. By adding this clean room, we will be able to increase production by an estimated 500%. This will have a knock-on effect for our R&D team, as part of the investment is allocated for cutting-edge equipment allowing us to increase our product development. With innovation at the forefront of JM Wholesale’s mind, Whitelabel Business Development Manager, Duncan Wood, says, “Innovation is at the heart of manufacturing. Therefore, we have invested significantly in our research and development capabilities. Our R&D team consistently take on new challenges to innovate new products and methods of production.” This year, we will be introducing our own in-house lab testing department and process – Accurex Labs. This will be the final step in making JM Wholesale a fully comprehensive solution for all manufacturing needs. Late last year, we moved operations to a brand new, state-of-the-art, 50,000 sq. ft premises. This premises features excellent amenities for our employees and guests. The property move has taken JM Wholesale to new levels as a company in every respect, including the calibre of employees that we can attract to our team. We are also proud to offer tours of the premises to our customers, suppliers, and partners. JM Wholesale offers an industry-first, automated price beating service and our in-house Design team offers creative solutions for any business. JM Wholesale’s Marketing Department works directly with manufacturers and suppliers to help develop and grow brands within a challenging market. With JM Plus, we have launched a subscriptionbased, free delivery service for our Wholesale customers. We are one of the fastest-growing distributors in the country, with sales revenue more than doubling each year. We are now recognised as a market leader within the Vape & CBD sector, with many prominent brands and companies approaching us for business opportunities. Rob finalises, “At JM Wholesale we are proud to be unique in the way we work with our Brand Partners. Our innovation in the industry is what sets us apart from our competition and is one of the many reasons we are now the UK’s Leading Vape & CBD Wholesaler. By partnering with both market leaders and small start-ups we help push the Vape & CBD industry into unmarked territory by investing in new innovative brands and products.” It is this dedication to the industry that has meant JM Wholesale has truly made its mark – long may its success continue. Contact: Logie Rajan Company: JM Wholesale Ltd Web Address: