Education and Training Awards 2023

Jul23762 Best Petroleum Training Company 2023 - UAE & Iraq United Education is specialising in the provision of HSE, Technical and Management training/ seminars/workshops to companies in the oil, gas, petrochemical, and energy industries. The company’s educational/training solutions encompass a range of topics, including language, management, and business skills development, as well as special technical and vocational training services. Operating based on the slogan “Everything Commences and Ends with People”, United Education provides world-class corporate training, practical vocational training, and consultancy training services to public, private, non-governmental, educational, and individual clients within the oil, gas, petrochemical, and energy industries. The company is proud to have successfully developed training programmes that are specifically curated to respond to the most prevalent needs within these specialist areas. With the educational solutions it provides, United Education’s primary goal is to help its clients to drive measurable improvements in the professional skills of their workforce and achieve organisational success. Its comprehensive professional and personal growth HSE, technical, and management training services significantly increase the productivity of clients’ employees and the quality of the work they produce, thereby enhancing their contribution towards the goals of the organisation. The company’s hands-on technical training programmes also produce competent and safety conscious individuals. United Education understands that conventional training solutions are not effective enough to help clients reach their goals. For this reason, it designs structured, focused programmes and tailored, client-specific training plans to ensure the best integration between the training local contents and the training related international standards and norms. Furthermore, the company’s programmes are delivered within a supportive and positive learning environment by professional instructors who have been selected based on their relevant experience. The United Education team operate with a focus on the future. They are always working to anticipate upcoming industry challenges and developments and searching for new ways in which the company can improve its clients’ performance and outcomes. To offer the most relevant, practical, and up-to-date training solutions, the team constantly monitor the latest business trends and international best practices within clients’ industries in order to make changes to the company’s offerings. Clients can trust that the services provided by United Education will meet the highest of standards. The company has a number of certifications to support this, including ISO 9001, ISO 21001, ISO 29992, and ISO 29993. It is also associated with international accreditation bodies, including IOSH, British Safety Council, World Safety Organisation, AWS, NFPA, IWCF, IADC, ASNT, IEEE, SAA, IFC, HRCI, DROPS, UK Spill, LEEA, PASMA, and AAPSCM. Furthermore, United Education is an IWCF accredited centre through Aberdeen Drilling School. It is also a CompEx approved centre and has been accredited by OPITO for Major Emergency Management (MEMIR) and Control Room Operator Emergency Response training through RelyOn Nutec. Currently, in the Middle East, there are an increasing number of opportunities for education and training organisations like United Education. As businesses continue to grow in the region, more companies are recruiting graduates who lack proper experience and knowledge of practical and technical methods. Whilst these organisations have plenty of potential for growth, they are being held back by their strategies, structuring, placement, and network. United Education plays a vital role in providing them with the services they need to properly train their staff and enhance their business opportunities. As a result of the outstanding services it provides, United Education has been awarded Best Petroleum Training Company, UAE & Iraq, in the Education and Training Awards 2023. In the coming years, its plan is to continue to design and develop training courses with a focus on addressing the ever-evolving needs of its valued clients, keeping close watch of developments in their industries. We offer our sincere congratulations to United Education on its success in the Education and Training Awards and wish it the best of luck in the years to come. Contact: Rajeev Kumar Company: United Education Email: [email protected] Web Address: