Education and Training Awards 2023

For almost two decades, Airpull Aviation Academy (Airpull) has been heralded as one of the leading flight schools in Europe. Complete with an on-campus aerodrome and the advantages of Spain’s Mediterranean sun, Airpull has all of the necessary means to consistently carry out its Airline Transport Training Program in just 15 months. We explore how Airpull leverages its impressive facilities and carefully crafted courses to efficiently mould the pilots of the future. Situated on the Spanish coast, Airpull has had 19 years of unrestricted access to the greatest elements that Spain has to offer. All of which, of course, have been utilised to construct a variety of training programs for aspiring individuals looking to undertake their studies in one of the best locations possible. With 85% of sunny days within the year, and the Requena Aerodrome serving as a means for students to connect with their studies on a more intrinsic level, Airpull presents an unbeatable learning environment that’s fostered brilliance time and time again. Whether students are looking to become professional or recreational pilots, Airpull is an EASA certified academy that has found its footing as one of the most renowned flight schools in the region. Though some may believe this is simply a product of its unique facilities, Airpull deserves far more credit for the intense focus that it’s placed on constantly improving itself in order to forge the best training programs within Europe. This, partnered with the benefits that accompany its costal positioning, has granted it the ability to outperform other schools throughout the region. Though some may believe that, due to its European location, Airpull may only have a student body of Spanish and European students alike, this is far from the case. Not only does Airpull have a plethora of the aforementioned individuals enrolled in its courses, but it also accepts students that herald from across the globe. Whether these locations are Nigeria, Maldives, Qatar, Pakistan, India, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Israel, Uzbekistan, Philippines, Morocco, Mauritania, and many more, due to its independent nature, Airpull is able to forge courses that suit any manner of individual. It prides itself on its harmonious workings, allowing it to train its students with the utmost safety, quality, and quantity of operations in mind at all times. In addition to its impressive array of readily available amenities, Airpull also boasts an expansive fleet spanning a multitude of craft varieties. From Single Engine Basic, and Single Engine Complex aircrafts, to Twin Engine crafts, Airpull presents students with a plethora of alternative ways in which to learn. Parter this with a state-of-the-art simulator that covers both flight and airbus training devices, and you’ve got a prestigious flight school that’s fully equipped to deliver on its worldrenowned reputation. With an array of courses, each fashioned by experts to educate pilots in the making, Airpull has every basis covered when it comes to training content. Be it pilot courses in Private or Commercial Piloting, to Airline Transport Piloting, it ensures that, no matter what avenue an individual may wish to journey down, they’ll be fully supported by well thought out training that’s been founded on brilliance. Airpull is a pilot school focused on producing pilots who are not only experienced, but have been given an advantage as a result of its promise of greatness. Airpull truly is a flight school whose facilities, courses, and capabilities are unmatched within Europe. It has an unerring understanding of what it takes to make a good pilot, and goes the extra mile to ensure that students have access to anything they could ever need in order to succeed in their training. There’s an unrelenting sense of passion for the piloting profession that Airpull conveys throughout both its environment and its courses, and it’s this dedication to the craft that really sets Airpull apart as an award-winning flight school unlike any other. Contact: Ignacio Cabrera Company: Airpull Aviation Academy Web Address: Jun23710 Best Pilot Training School 2023 - Spain