Education and Training Awards 2023

With fifteen years of experience in the first aid sector, there’s no better training provider in South East Wales than the team at Red Dragon First Aid. Drawing on a wealth of expertise, it’s little wonder this plucky firm has earned success in the Education and Training Awards 2023. We take a closer look at the business to uncover more. Based in Newport, South Wales but able to travel the length and breadth of the UK, Red Dragon First Aid has grown over the years into one of the foremost providers that the UK has to offer in the world of first aid training. First aid training has been proven to save lives, and empower people to help in any and every walk of life, and very few understand its importance more than the Red Dragon First Aid team. The work of Red Dragon First Aid begins with a talented team of professional, fully qualified trainers and assessors. This talented team has proven to have the ability to serve both small or large groups, adapting effortlessly to support anyone who wants comprehensive training in this field. Training can be delivered wherever is most convenient, with businesses and individuals benefiting from the team’s incredible efforts. What sets them apart is the care with which they approach the topic of first aid – they really do care. Instead of making people sit in chairs, watching PowerPoint slides, a key part of how Red Dragon First Aid stands apart is the way in which practice comes first. Simple and memorable systems are taught, with plenty of work-relevant scenarios so that you can test your new knowledge and skill. These courses are hard work, but well worth what students are willing to put in. The benefits of first aid vary from organisation to organisation. Many people are sent by workplaces, or they need certification to keep other qualifications valid. What Red Dragon First Aid offers, however, is myriad other benefits that come with the solid, practical training approach they offer. Firstly, first aid means that you are always prepared for emergencies, and confident enough to deal with the challenges that face you. This confidence and preparation means that you can help people, wherever they are. Friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers can benefit from a Red Dragon First Aid course, because first aid is always relevant. We asked Denis Mills what drives him to keep his work at Red Dragon First Aid at such a high standard. He explained, “You never know when an emergency might happen, but with first aid training, you’ll be ready! From treating minor injuries to responding to serious medical conditions, first aid training can help you provide care and support when it’s needed most.” For many people around the world, first aid has quite literally saved lives, but few think about the fact that the training for this is what has really made a difference. The work of Red Dragon First Aid has been truly transformative. We cannot wait to see what happens next. Company: Red Dragon First Aid Contact: Denis Mills Website: Email: [email protected] Jul23449 Best Home & Workplace First Aid Training Provider 2023 - South East Wales