Employee Wellness Awards 2024

Corporate Vision Best Holistic Corporate Wellness & Fitness Practice 2024 - Arizona Nicole Anne Yoga & Holistic Wellness is committed to empowering individuals and helping them discover inner harmony. With in-person and virtual sessions, the company strives to meet participants where they are, delivering healing modalities directly to their homes. Its team of holistic practitioners lead with gratitude and compassion and provide a selfless service to help individuals improve their overall health and wellbeing. Nicole Anne Yoga & Holistic Wellness has been recognized in the Employee Wellness Awards as this year’s Best Holistic Corporate Wellness & Fitness Practice – Arizona. Yoga provides many benefits to mental and physical health, with regular practice proven to help improve individuals’ posture, breathing, and overall overlook on life. Nicole began the practice 30 years ago and fell in love with the energising effect she felt after each session. She was initially drawn to yoga to develop strength and naturally manage pain following several intensive surgeries. During the periods she was unable to do physical activity, Nicole explored sound healing and meditation to improve her wellbeing. She is also passionate about holistic nutrition and offering education to others so that they can discover the transformative power of healing modalities. Nicole established her Yoga & Holistic Wellness company to support others through their wellness journeys and help them access the therapeutic effects of yoga and other healing activities. It is her belief that yoga is for everyone and every body and, with over 40 different services to choose from, participants can find the perfect service to achieve their unique goals. As the largest mobile yoga company in Arizona, the company strives to locally enrich the lives of as many people as possible with innovative practices designed to unite the mind, body, and soul. Most recently, the company entered a Government contract to provide three behavioural health facilities with trauma informed yoga therapy classes. The process began in June 2023 and required agility and resilience to overcome the obstacles that arose during the project’s development. In January 2024, classes finally began and have thus far achieved encouraging results. Nicole Anne Yoga has provided services to numerous organisations including schools, hotels, businesses, nonprofits, senior communities, and first responder facilities. With Corporate Yoga, the company brings yoga directly into the office, providing mindfulness exercises to help employees handle stress in a healthy way. Its restorative classes help decrease employee stress, increase focus, and improve overall health and wellbeing. The practice also aims to reduce the total number of employee sick days and lower stressrelated doctor’s visits. Dale Hahne, Director at Classic Hotels, shares, “Nicole and her team have been fantastic partners. We have provided multiple events for corporate groups and associations, including various styles of yoga, sound meditation, and holistic nutrition. Her certified instructors have received rave reviews from our guests for their warm healing instruction. I have found her team to be professional and reliable as well as willing to go the extra mile for our guests.” The Yoga & Holistic Wellness company has been honoured at this year’s Employee Wellness Awards for its dedication to supporting the wellbeing of its team. Its extensive instructors include yoga teachers, holistic nutritionists, Reiki masters, and professionals from many other disciplines. Values of communication, mutual respect, and transparency are guiding principles that shape the company’s culture. Employees are encouraged to share their unique perspectives with the knowledge that they will be heard and validated. This approach allows Nicole to better understand her employees’ needs and gain the respect of her valued team and clients. Nicole says, “Growing up around business owners shaped the way that I look at the world surrounding business. When approaching business matters, we have an attitude towards self-improvement and consistency. It takes confidence to approach these matters while maintaining a positive attitude, and it takes grit to remain consistent even when we’re presented with obstacles. Allowing for different approaches and mindsets is what assists in motivating, empowering, and igniting all those within the business.” Moving forward, Nicole aims to extend the business to a global client base to enhance the wellbeing of individuals worldwide. Its experienced practitioners are passionate about sharing their knowledge with others to help them reconnect with their authentic selves. Through its transformative practices, individuals and businesses can experience the life-enriching benefits of holistic healing modalities to enhance their wellness and discover physical, mental, and spiritual enlightenment. For its restorative teachings, we have bestowed Nicole Anne Yoga & Holistic Wellness with this year’s award for Best Holistic Corporate Wellness & Fitness Practice – Arizona. Contact: Nicole Fonovich Company: Nicole Anne Yoga & Holistic Wellness Web Address: https://nicoleanneyoga.com