Employee Wellness Awards 2024

Employee Wellness Awards 2024 | 5 In this highly competitive business environment, Henley Reward Consulting (HRC) helps companies attract and retain the best talent by ensuring that they possess a fair and competitive employee benefits package that is fulfilling and champions all of the hard work done by staff. As Louise explains, “we support organisations to create inclusive and progressive employee benefit policies that can meet the needs of their diverse workforce and keep employee wellness as a top priority.” Such markers can only be attained through an all-encompassing solution, something HRC embodies through a bespoke approach that utilises relevant research from peers and the most accurate quantitative and qualitative data comparison methods to offer insights that reflect the here and now, searching a company’s internals as well as the rest of the market in order to deduce the meanings presented in the data. All of the information used is unique, with a refusal to adhere to generic pay/benefit data due to its generic nature and lack of relevancy to many businesses, based on an array of factors such as size, scale, and location. The uniquity of these offerings serve as the foundations from which prosperous and lasting relationships are built, with Louise and the team remaining committed to gaining a deep knowledge of a client business ahead of time. She explains, “we ensure a thorough understanding of each client’s business and needs, building a strong client partnership, with the ability to factor in tailored considerations such as company structure and remit.” Not only is the present considered, but the future too, with a business’ vision for the coming years being assembled around its current and expected talent pool, making sure its solutions have been adequately future-proofed. As an example of the fantastic work done by the team, last year saw them undertake a holistic benefits review for the leading social housing provider Stonewater Housing Association. Across this process, the primary aim was to assess the company’s competitiveness against its contemporaries in the housing market, with the results outlining several areas of risk and priority, with Stonewater being afforded a series of useful insights and suggestions on effective ways to modernise its benefits scheme and solidify its position as an employer of choice. Staying ahead of these trends is paramount for businesses to align with employee expectations, and luckily, HRC has its finger on the pulse when it comes to managing said developments, empowering its clients to succeed in retaining their sector’s premier talent. One current trend that is in full swing has been a shift from salary benchmarking through to a more rounded assessment method, something Louise elaborates on further. “In an economic climate Experts in pay and reward benchmarking, Warwickshire’s Henley Reward Consulting is driven by an unwavering commitment to aid in the facilitation of developing and growing partner organisations, something achieved by executing a research-led reward data and insight programme that supports businesses in making well-informed decisions regarding remuneration, rewards/benefits, and equality, diversity, and inclusion/HR policies. The overarching goal of this team is to demonstrably assist in the developing of robust, competitive people strategies that represent a business investing appropriately in its best asset – its staff. Managing Director Louise Haines tells us more. Best Employee Rewards & Incentive Consultancy 2024 - West Midlands of high inflation and cost-of-living increases, companies have less affordability to keep pace with base wage rises and are instead focusing on the overarching employee experience (including benefit components and wellbeing initiatives).” Louise continues, “the pandemic, and subsequent economic uncertainty, have brought about significant changes in work culture: health, wellbeing, and work-life balance are now higher up the agenda than ever before.” Again, this is information that has been learned by conducting frequent reviews into the elements of a benefit programme employees expect, so by adopting initiatives adhering to this, not only can an organisation keep its current staff happy and loyal, but prospective employees are attracted to the business’ competitiveness within the market. Ultimately, Henley Reward Consulting succeeds in offering a helping hand to those businesses seeking to remain competitive in traversing the ever-changing employee/employer relationship, strengthening a company’s employee value proposition (what an employee looks for in an employer). The future of this dynamic is littered with signs pointing towards an increasingly flexible worklife balance, as well as an adherence to strong cultural and ethical values. Regardless of what the future holds, Louise and the team will be there to help, sharing expert guidance that is sure to keep a company deeply rooted in its position as a top choice for employees. Contact: Louise Haines Company: Henley Reward Consulting Web Address: https://henleyrewardconsulting.com/