Employee Wellness Awards 2024

E mSpml oayl leBeuWs i ne el l ns se sAswAawr dasr d2s02203 2| 47 | 7 enlightening and gave me new ways to think about the way I lead in my networks. I highly recommend this program to all corporate leaders.” Since its inception in 2014, WWCOE has launched five global Workplace Wellness certification programs including the Executive Wellness Leadership Program and its associated internship for WWCOE Master Ambassadors. The Centre has certified over 125 Ambassadors and Master Ambassadors, transforming professionals into global change agents who have fostered ambitious work cultures worldwide. Through its virtual programs, WWCOE connects remote employees and train leaders in the art of cultivating High-Involvement High-Commitment workplaces. With its cost-effective and efficient Workplace Wellness solutions, the Centre strives to nurture energised employees, improve businesses’ performance, and facilitate organisational growth. Over the past year, WWCOE launched its book, Cultivating Healthy & Vibrant Workplaces, based on the experiences of over 50 Workplace Wellness graduates across the globe. This comprehensive book explores the Centre’s progressive techniques for fostering cultures of wellbeing in onsite and virtual environments. It also features best practices, blueprints, and tools for devising and implementing holistic wellness programs to achieve growth and overall success. WWCOE is particularly proud of its podcast that highlights the perspectives and approaches of transformational leaders around the world. In 2022, the Centre launched a widely received LinkedIn newsletter, Cultivating Vibrant Workplaces, to showcase its achievements and share culture-building practices from its inspirational book and podcast. WWCOE has established an international network of Workplace Wellness professionals and provides ongoing support for its clients, graduates, and Ambassadors. Through its skill-building courses and certification programs, the Centre cultivates great leaders, healthy employees, and dynamic organisations with world-class solutions designed to drive organisational performance and growth. WWCOE has developed countless agents of change and thriving work cultures on a global scale and for its results-orientated solutions, the Centre has received this year’s award for Best Workplace Wellness Consulting Firm – Canada. Contact: Lisa Kelly Company: Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence Web Address: https://workplacewellnesscoe.com/ Established in 2014, the Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence is committed to improving employee performance and fostering a thriving work culture that drives company growth and profitability. Through its dynamic courses, the Centre aims to help clients and organisations achieve optimal wellness and develop agents of change who strive to make a difference in their workplaces. It is WWCOE’s overarching goal to create inclusive Workplace Wellness solutions that benefit employees, organizations, and communities. The Centre is recognised by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and provides Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP® recertification activities. At WWCOE, clients receive hands-on training for entry level and advanced skill development, enabling organisations to cultivate prosperous cultures and happy employees. Creating a culture of wellness requires first-rate solutions, sophisticated skills, and innovative programs that deliver results. The Centre’s comprehensive courses and certification programs offer high impact solutions to support employees’ needs in today’s VUCA world. Its employeecentric offerings are created through skills-based learning, pioneering toolkits, and precision mentorship in the design and implementation of its solutions. With its Executive Wellness Leadership Program, WWCOE aims to foster advanced leadership skills in employee and organisational wellness, Workplace Wellness strategic planning, culture building, Transformational Leadership, and much more. The program is open to Workplace Wellness professionals, HR representatives, and corporate leaders who are encouraged to become change agents within their businesses. Marc Michaelson, Founder of the Lead Life First leadership model, mentors participants to help them foster sustainable high performance and implement wellness practices in their teams. His approach aims to enhance the wellbeing of employees and organisations and establish a new standard for measuring success. Ryan Wolf, Wellbeing Lead at Gallup, says, “The Executive Wellness Leadership Program and VIP Club were a great opportunity for me to explore best practices and new thought patterns from a diverse group of professionals. My coaching sessions were structured in a way which helped me, and my coach clearly identified what areas I could focus on to enhance both my personal wellbeing and organizational wellness leadership skills. I am grateful for the experience of being in the program because it was selfIn the ever-evolving business landscape, it can be challenging to meet employees’ shifting wellness needs. Research has demonstrated that looking after your staff increases productivity and company loyalty, resulting in focused and self-motivated employees. The Workplace Wellness Centre of Excellence (WWCOE) strives to cultivate healthy employees, industry leaders, and successful organisations through its innovative training programs and Workplace Wellness solutions. Its mission is to become the industry leader in the training and development of vibrant and employee-driven work cultures. For its dedication to wellbeing enhancement, we have bestowed on WWCOE this year’s award for Best Workplace Wellness Consulting Firm – Canada. Best Workplace Wellness Consulting Firm 2024 - Canada