Employee Wellness Awards 2024

Corporate Vision Best Performance Centre for Health & Wellbeing 2024 - Switzerland “Physical and mental health form a symbiosis. You can’t have one without the other.” Underpinned by this very notion, Cryodukt has become Switzerland’s leading cryo centre for any seeking whole-body cryotherapy. As the very first cryotherapy centre in Zurich to possess an electricallyoperated, high-performance cold chamber – one capable of creating a nitrogen-free -110°C environment – Cryodukt promises an incomparable cold experience that’s designed to stimulate the generation of bodily and mental optimisation. Below, we delve into the details. Over the years, studies have shown that cryotherapy can have exceptional benefits for both the body and the mind. It’s proven to cause physiological hormonal responses that help to release endorphins that, when stimulated, have an undeniably positive effect on those experiencing select conditions. From depression to anxiety, cryotherapy’s ultra-cold temperatures elicit responses from the body that ultimately concoct the perfect cocktail of beneficial effects. Having recognised this, Cryodukt went on to become Switzerland’s leading cryotherapy centre, providing a facility for those who are hoping to elevate their internal functionality. Proud to play host to the first electrically powered -110°C high performance cold room in all of Zurich, Cryodukt grants individuals the opportunity to participate in a form of real cryotherapy. Whether they’re looking to start the day off with a stimulating cryo chamber experience, or are hoping to close the day with some much needed TLC, Cryodukt presents the public with a cryotherapy service that takes full advantage of the art itself. In doing so, it’s able to help customers boost their fitness and performance, support pain relief, strengthen their immune systems, or simply take the time to refresh their mood. In doing so, it has come to earn quite the reputation as a true Longevity and Performance centre. Additionally, Cryodukt finds itself lucky enough to be partnered with globally recognised exclusive brands, be it leading providers of high-end equipment in the fields of health, sport, longevity, biohacking, or wellness. These devices, each backed up by evidence-based treatment techniques and biohacking technologies, focus on the rehabilitation, recovery, and wellness of its users, resulting in treatments that really make a difference. Combine this with access to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and you’ve got a cryotherapy centre whose range of health empowerments don’t end with the cryo chamber. In such a fast paced world, it’s not uncommon for individuals to seek quick, sustainable results, all while being able to check in on their personal progress. In response, Cryodukt sought to create a facility that encompassed all of these factors. Now, it’s fully equipped to cater to the rising demands of clients all over Switzerland, down to the measurement of individual results, all under one roof. This is what truly defines Cryodukt as a Longevity Centre, and it’s clear that it will only continue to flourish under the guidance of its own knack for innovation. When seeking out a means to settle mental health struggles, most wouldn’t immediately turn to cryotherapy. To the average person, it may seem too extreme – a process that is reserved for athletes alone. Cryodukt, however, exists to dismantle these barriers and create easy access for all types of clients. No matter what you’re seeking from cryotherapy, Cryodukt is on-hand to provide it, all while maintaining a level of care and attention that will make each customer feel secure during their cryo-centric venture. Cryotherapy is something of a hidden gem within the health and wellness world, and we’re very eager to shine some light on such an effective method of getting one’s endorphins flowing. We wish Cryodukt the best in its pursuits as it continues to redefine the practise of cryotherapy. Contact Details Contact: Paula Kasper Company: Cryodukt AG Web Address: https://cryodukt.ch/