Energy Innovator Awards 2019

42 Corporate Vision - Energy Innovator Awards 2019 , Handling waste can be an extremely dangerous job, with hazardous and non-hazardous materials alike able to cause serious issues for those who improperly handle them. With more than ten years’ experience implementing safe and secure wastemanagement strategies, discover what has made Paschal Technical Services Ltd into one of Nigeria’s best oil and gas waste management companies. Best Oil & Gas Waste Management Company - Nigeria monitoring of waste materials produced at any work site. Depending on the materials, be they solid, liquid, gaseous, or radioactive, the firm can recover resources from the waste via a myriad of different methods. Fully aware that waste can take many forms for companies, the expert team at the firm have spent many years refining knowledge to handle any waste situation swiftly, whilst remaining safe and secure at all times. To name but a few of the firm’s services, Paschal Technical can crush used drums and other hazardous containers, incinerate hazardous materials, clean storage tanks, remove oil sludge, securely destroy medical waste, and dismantle and dispose of asbestos materials. Transporting all waste materials away from work sites, Paschal Technical operates its own waste management facility where materials are handled with great care and delicacy. A state-of-the-art bio-chemical Wholly dedicated to protecting the environment against the proven negative effects of improper fossil fuel waste management is Nigerian firm, Paschal Technical. Comprised of a team of experts, the firm works alongside clients to ascertain the best and safest methods of reduction, reusage, recycling, and recovery for by-products of production or manufacturing plants. Instead of letting waste resources do untold damage to the environment, clients can enlist the help of those experts to help optimise waste resources which can benefit both the environment and a firm’s bottom line. Dealing with all manner of waste, the expert team at Paschal Technical are more than proficient in many forms of waste management. From collection and transportation, through to processing and recycling or disposal, there is a constant Paschal Technical Services Ltd: Nov19207 hazardous waste treatment facility in Port Harcourt acts as home to incinerators, crushers, and various other machines all designed to handle dangerous waste. The firm and its waste treatment facility also offers a fleet of vehicles for transportation, including flatbed, covered, vacuum, and self-loading trucks, forklifts, and storage tanks. Alongside the waste management services that Paschal Technical offer, the firm also offers expert support and consulting services to help maintain safe working environments. More than just committed to helping clients deal with waste in a safe way for working, the expert team also strive to make each client site the best it can be for customers and visitors. By helping clients adhere to rigorous and strict industry-approved compliance regulations and ethical standards in engineering practices, Nigeria’s work sites are becoming safer by the day. Bringing a profound and unparalleled level of knowledge regarding waste management across the Niger Delta, Paschal Technical has expertly positioned itself as a unique firm within Nigeria. Providing professional waste management, marine logistics, construction, and general engineering services to suit each client’s needs, the people of Nigeria can once again safely breathe the fresh air without fearing poor waste management of their production plants. Company: Paschal Technical Services Ltd Contact: Stella Ike Website: