Corporate Vision February 2017

K Company: IT Governance Name: Alan Calder Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Unit 3, Clive Court, Cambridgeshire Business Park, Ely CB7 4EA Telephone: 0845 070 1750 Working Harder and Smarter For Longer g need to implement to achieve cyber resilience. We encourage businesses to look at the security measures taken and highlight that it’s in their best interests to reduce risk and improve their cyber security posture. “Our expert-developed solutions are designed to equip organisations with the tools, resources and skills to address security on an organisational, administrative and technical level by providing a streamlined approach suitable for companies of all sizes.” Turning to himself, Alan talks about the challenging nature of the role of CEO and how he has overcome challenges in order to be successful. “I’ve long believed that that board and senior management have the key role in protecting their organisation and managing its diverse range of risks. Over the last few years, that’s become an increasingly widely acted-upon concept – not least because of the enormous press exposure given to inadequate cyber security risk management and the ongoing increase in compliance requirements around data protection and cyber risk. That’s all tremendously exciting! “I think that all CEOs have to work through failure and uncertainty; this is particularly true if you’re an innovator and, by nature, more interested in finding new and better ways of tackling issues than simply accepting the status quo. One has to have a solid self-belief, and a deep-seated determination to see every experience simply as an opportunity to do better next time, in order to succeed.” Alan’s passion and hard work, along with a dedicated team of staff, are the reasons why IT Governance is performing so well in the industry as Alan explains. “Sector understanding and domain expertise are important, as are self-belief and determination. In a fast- moving technology marketplace, agility and communication skills are probably even more important. Above all, I think that CEOs have to provide leadership – and leadership is about more than smart suits and fancy cars – it’s about working harder and smarter for longer, it’s about solving problems for customers and staff, it’s about communication and it’s about continual improvement.” Looking to the future, IT Governance plan on building on their current client base by continuing to exceed client needs in an economical manner. Alan explains more about the current economic uncertainty and how this may affect the business. “Brexit brings challenges to our ability to be efficient and effective in providing our solutions to the market, so we’ll establish a business outside the UK in order to ensure we can continue to serve the fast-growing pan-EU business while we continue our expansion in the UK and the US.” Alan Calder is the founder and executive chairman of the single-source provider of products and services in the IT governance, risk management and compliance sector: IT Governance. Alan is an acknowledged international cyber security guru and a leading author on information security and IT governance issues.