Corporate Vision February 2017

18 CORPORATE VISION / February 2017 , Empowering your Message Engine Group is a privately ownedmarketing services network, based out of four strategic hubs inNewYork, Los Angeles, London and Hong Kong, with other offices across the globe. Their clients range across the categories of retail, fashion, entertainment, food and beverage, technology, financial services, healthcare andmore. Chief Executive of Engine Group USA, Rick Eiserman, chatted with us about the company and his positionwithin it. Engine Group’s marketing network is comprehensive, comprised of fifteen best-in- class specialist agencies: Art Machine, Calling Brands, Deep Focus, Engine Media, Fuel, MHP Communications, Mischief, Moment Studio, ORC International, Partners Andrews Aldridge, Slice, Synergy, Trailer Park, Transform and WCRS. Through seamless collaboration among the network’s agencies, Engine provides clients with end- to-end solutions, encompassing strategic and creative services, content production, business intelligence and distribution. “We have continued to strategically grow our business by acquiring new companies, recruiting top talent and enhancing our digital, data, content and media capabilities.” Mr. Eiserman informed us, when talking about the current approach of the business. “With our collaborative network model of complementary businesses, we are able to be more flexible and nimble, staying in front of trends and building solutions ahead of time – an advantage few of our competitors have. “Addressing shifts in the marketing landscape and clients’ needs, our role has evolved to include more business analysis, consultation and planning. We have become business partners to our clients, rather than just branding partners. We go above and beyond the marketing plan to help clients transform their businesses. We provide them with metrics-based counsel on how they might change the way they work operationally, the way they go to market, to even reimagine the business they’re in through new product lines or new ways of thinking about their offering.” Mr. Eiserman is clearly very proud to lead the teams producing such great work on behalf of their clients. “I’m motivated every day to do our part to lead and inspire, while bringing positive change to the world. “I’m continually impressed with the work our talented people are doing, from awe-inspiring content to ground breaking research and consumer insights. Add to that advances in technology and the creative possibilities are endless.” Taking advantage of new technology plays a huge role in the marketing business. “What will ensure our progress and success in the future is being able to navigate the opportunities and obstacles it presents. While creativity and innovation will always be the backbone of the marketing industry, in order to survive, you have to constantly evolve your strategic thinking to determine what will work for clients and resonate with consumers as technology forges ahead.” And it isn’t just the technology itself that the firm must adapt to, but also the way audiences react to and consume media through new channels. “The marketplace looks nothing like it did years ago, and the way people consume and demand media has changed drastically. Because of this, we have had to be very nimble in how we address and anticipate our clients’ needs. We’ve built a network in the digital age that allows us to quickly respond to the opportunities and challenges that arise through this rapid evolution. “One of the biggest changes in the industry today is the blurring of lines. Many agencies now claim they can do everything. While on the outset this may seem like a positive, it actually creates confusion in the marketplace, missed opportunities for clients and, in extreme cases, corruption in terms of bidding and how things are charged. If we can’t as an industry package our services in a way that clients can buy it, we’re out of business. 1701CV86