Corporate Vision February 2017

K Company: Ticketmaster Name: Maria O’Connor, Managing Director of Ticketmaster Australia and New Zealand Web Address: .au Ticket to Success g a transition stage. Maria tells us more about what she envisions for the future of this sector. “There are less producers and promoters in the live entertainment industry here in Australia, which increases the presence of International influence and inevitably makes it tougher to make deals. With less people to facilitate the products, the cost of touring events and putting on big productions only increases. The cost of today’s big theatre shows and contemporary music also leads to the increase in ticket prices. The Australian government do great work to invest in amazing theatres and live venues but now we need investment in the events that go into those venues. We are also seeing a rebuild of the festival sector here, which will no doubt lead to extremely exciting times ahead.” Maria’s final words are those of praise for her fellow colleagues and, of course, the people who keep the company thriving, the clients. “Every company is made up of people and behind Ticketmaster are its brilliant people. Whether you buy a ticket, are one of our clients or work with us in another way, you will see that our best asset is our people. This great example if set at the top – by the heads of our company, Michael Rapino, President and CEO, Live Nation and Mark Yovich, President, Ticketmaster International. I have always worked with people who want to invest in people and that continues to be the priority at Ticketmaster across the globe. Ultimately, however good your technology is, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t got good people. At Ticketmaster, our people set us apart.”