Corporate Vision February 2017

30 CORPORATE VISION / February 2017 , Zaheda Hafez is founder of The Laser Treatment Clinic inHarley Street, London. She started her career in the Aesthetic field in 1996 as Senior Consultant to a renowned cosmetic surgeon at a private clinic inHarley Street. We speak to her to find out more about Laser Skin Care. Skincare Solutions Zaheda Hafez has always had an interest in skincare, but she was drawn to the scientific advancements in cosmetics, and what this could mean for the future of skincare. In 2000, her passion led her to open The Laser Treatment Clinic at 1 Harley Street, London. Here, a team of highly skilled professionals have provided advanced solutions to skin concerns for nearly two decades. During this time, Zaheda observed that her clients’ skin concerns had either been initiated or aggravated by their daily skincare routine, and in particular by the superficial ingredients contained in most high-street skincare brands. In response to this, working closely with Cosmetic Chemist’s, and using her experience and practice know-how alongside research and testing, Zaheda developed a natural marine based skin care range, The Laser Treatment Clinic Marine Skincare range was launched in 2013. She wanted her clients to continue the same high standard of skincare at home. “I work with a team of highly skilled professionals to provide advanced skin care solutions with care and compassion at our clinic in Harley Street, London. Our clientele ranges from the local to the national and international. We work with a wide range of clients; students to MP’s, famous actors and singers, as well as others of a high profile. People not just from England but from all around the world; France, Germany, Switzerland, New York, Singapore and Dubai to name just a few places. “Our focus now is, and always has been, to offer our clients the best treatments and products available today. All our clients, women and men, come to us for the same one thing, to achieve Healthy Clear Skin and the confidence that come with that. “Our full range of treatments include, but are not exclusive of; acne treatment, acne scar treatment, pigmentation treatment, scar treatment, stretch marks treatment, laser hair removal, birth mark removal, thread veins treatment, rosacea treatment, sun damage treatment & skin rejuvenation treatment”. When asked about the mission statement for her firm, Zaheda replied that The Laser Treatment Clinic is dedicated to making their clients feel more beautiful; “It’s never too late to rejuvenate, restore and protect the natural beauty of your skin. She went on to speak about the values that govern the running of The Laser Treatment Clinic. “These six core values, which guide The Laser Treatment Clinic’s mission to this day, are an expression of the vision and intent of our founder. “Respect – we treat everyone in our diverse community, including patients, their families and colleagues, with dignity. “Compassion - provide the best care, treating patients and their family members with sensitivity and empathy at all times. “Integrity - adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and personal responsibility, worthy of the trust our patients place in us. “Healing - inspire hope and nurture the well-being of the whole person, respecting physical, emotional and spiritual needs. “Teamwork - value the contributions of all, blending the skills of individual staff members in unsurpassed collaboration. “Excellence - deliver the best outcomes and the highest quality service through the unique skills, experience and dedicated effort of every team member. Finally, we asked Zaheda how she ensures that her firm stays at the forefront of industry developments. “We continue to strive for excellence in the ever evolving world of aesthetics, through constant retraining and implementing improved techniques, advanced systems and innovative products”. K Company: The Laser Treatment Clinic Name: Zaheda Hafez Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 1 Harley Street, London, W1G 9QD Telephone: 0207 307 8712 1701CV07