Corporate Vision February 2017

, We spoke to TimPickard, SVPMarketing at NewVoiceMedia, about how the firmhas excelled in the industry. NewVoiceMedia’s cloud-based software joins up communication channels to uncover the facts that can solve a problemor helpmake a sale. The system integrates seamlessly with Salesforce giving clients full access to their hard-won CRMdata, without expensive, disruptive hardware changes. NewVoiceMedia: The Future of the Contact Centre Industry NewVoiceMedia’s ContactWorld solution is a cloud contact centre and inside sales platform serving businesses that want to treat their customers differently. Tim, SVP Marketing, talks us through what the firm does to help its clients use a more efficient service. “Our clients want to give them a great customer/user experience when they email or text or use social media for support and help. We do that through intelligent routing so we connect to CRM technology, intelligently routing their calls. We can often know enough about a company to establish the type of customer they are and the reason for their call, so can route them through to a particular agent with the most appropriate skills. We have menu systems as well which a lot of our customers use, making it a more personal experience by knowing who’s calling.” There are many aspects which have helped NewVoiceMedia to differentiate itself in the industry, as Tim explains. “I think our CRM integration in particular is extremely tight and it allows customers to drive that customer experience very easily. That is quite a difficult thing to do but we enable that ‘out of the box’ for sales clients. We have a global reach so for businesses that are international and have multiple sales offices and call centres, we provide the ability to manage those around the globe, with a global infrastructure that supports that, and nobody has that. Also, the way we have implemented our technology so that customers can start relatively simple but grow into their technology. We are also the only company offering a sales and service solution in a single platform. “As a true cloud platform, ContactWorld doesn’t require any hardware, plug-ins or expensive system integrations to work for clients. It offers innovations in terms of ease of use for the contact centre advisors and sales reps, reporting for managers and lower costs for financial managers. The technology can be managed by end-users rather than IT departments, is browser and phone agnostic and integrates seamlessly with Salesforce.” The contact centre sector is a very large industry. Tim discusses the industry as a whole and gives us an insight into the challenges that are present in the market at the moment. “There are 18 million contact centre seats globally and about 16 million inside sales seats, so that’s a billion-dollar marketplace. The challenge that the marketplace has today is that 90% is on-premise, i.e. technology that the company had to build themselves and then maintain and manage. There is a transition taking place into the cloud over the next five to seven years, so it’s a very hot space. The challenges are highly complex. Providing global infrastructure is very complicated and costly and providing voice quality across an infrastructure is very difficult. Those are barriers to entry for companies. “We have built the technology that allows us to guarantee a global infrastructure but also to provide very good voice quality effectively. Another challenge is that most organisations want to keep the technology that they already use.” In the future, Tim explains what NewVoiceMedia expects to see from the industry. “We have some very exciting technologies, that we are bringing to market this year. Longer term, there are exciting developments, such as artificial intelligence, which is a very interesting development in the contact centre space. There are also some very interesting developments in workforce management, recognising that the next generation of workers have a different outlook, working patterns, and looking at how we can accommodate those from a social perspective. There are really interesting challenges and opportunities that technology will bring us. Scaling and global infrastructure underlies all of what we do. Without that, it’s difficult to bring customers a high level of service.” K Company: NewVoiceMedia Name: Tim Pickard, SVP Marketing Email: press@newvoicemedia Web Address: 1702CV24