Corporate Vision February 2017

48 CORPORATE VISION / February 2017 , Bettorlogic licence their innovative, proprietary software to sportsbooks around the world. We contacted AndrewDagnall, CEOwinner in 2017, to tell us more about the product and the company behind it. A Reason to Place Your Bets The software licenced by Bettorlogic was created to provide reasons for bookmakers as to why their customers should place a bet, whether it’s before an event starts or when it goes live. “For example, ‘When Man Utd have been drawing after 60 mins at Old Trafford, they have gone on to win five of their last seven such matches against teams like Liverpool.’ We generate over 7,500 reasons to have a bet during a typical weekend for sportsbooks around the world. Our aim is to increase client turnover, manage customer expectations and ensure that a customer is entertained during their betting experience.” Having taken note of the sheer amount of data available to those in the betting industry, Bettorlogic made the most of an opportunity that its competitors had long missed. As Andrew explains, “The betting industry, potentially, knows more about their customers than any other industry. A typical bettor will transact with a sportsbook between twenty and a hundred times a week and the data reveals what their behaviour is and how they react to success and failure. The industry does little with this data. Bettorlogic has developed software to profile customers based on their transactional data so that a sportsbook can communicate with personalised messaging and ultimately offer a fully personalised solution. “As bettors ourselves, we understand betting and the emotions of a bettor. It is surprising how many in the business, including our competitors, do not bet and therefore often fail to understand what is an interesting reason why somebody should bet. If Man Utd are leading 3-0 with ten minutes remaining there is little point in telling a bettor that they have won every game when in this position. Far more interesting to point out the likelihood of another goal, who might score it or the margin of victory. Our other main advantage is speed of delivery, particularly in the live environment. We update in less than a second of a goal notification or the conclusion of a game in a tennis match.” Operating in betting markets globally, the minds behind Bettorlogic keep themselves up to date with the latest betting trends in all regions. This specialised knowledge marks them out ahead of the competition. “Challenges differ depending on the region. Someone who bets in Africa is very different to a bettor in Asia. But, specifically in the UK, sportsbook profits have been affected by point of consumption tax and will be by the proposed new levy on horseracing. This may lead to an increase in their margin which is dictated by the odds offered, so value will diminish for those who bet in terms of their returns on winnings. That said, most bettors in the UK are not so consumed by the amount they win as opposed to their Asian counterpart. This is why in Asia; sportsbooks operate at a margin of 2-3% compared to 6-8% in the UK.” Operating at the leading edge of new technologies, Andrew revealed just how key it is to stay ahead of emerging developments and the investments that must be made to stay ahead of the curve. “15 months ago, we decided to invest in our own offshore IT development company. This means that that through education, our developers understand the industry in which we operate and therefore are able to implement from a technical perspective the most up to date solutions as applicable to our products. Staying ahead of the game also requires a dedicated, engaged workforce. “Our staff have to enjoy and be interested in what they do. So far, we have been very fortunate that the majority of our staff, have been with us for several years and have grown in knowledge just as our company has. And how do they go about finding the right people for the job? “We use social media as working in sport is an attractive proposition, especially amongst graduates. We have used some agencies in the past. As a progressive company, we attract talent because they are aware of the opportunities we offer for their own development and experience.” Looking to the future of the company, Andrew is positive about new applications their software can be tailored toward even as the industry remains set to undergo fundamental changes. “From a customer perspective, there is no reason why the sportsbook that I interact with shouldn’t be completely responsive to my preferences and behaviour. From a technical perspective, there is no reason why a sportsbook with 100,000 customers shouldn’t have a 100,000 different displays with whatever device – mobile, tablet, desktop – that is used by the customer.” K Company: Bettorlogic Name: Andrew Dagnall Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Riverbank House 1 Putney Bridge Approach London SW6 3JD 1702CV53