Global Business Awards 2022

Aug22389 International Education Supporting Supply Chain Improvement The Institute of Supply Chain Management is devoted to helping learners across the globe; its diverse portfolio of courses has motivated many to gain qualifications and achieve their goals. As such, the Institute of Supply Chain Management has earned the title of Most Innovative International Supply Chain Development Organisation 2022. The Institute of Supply Chain Management – abbreviated to IoSCM – is the world’s largest and most well-known supply chain management institute in the world, and as a result, it boasts an impressive range of knowledge surrounding the international market. With professional certifications, membership options, bite-sized training programmes, and a plethora of resources, IoSCM can help users achieve their goals, no matter whether it is centred around self-improvement or the betterment of the skills and knowledge in a team. In 2022, IoSCM is commemorating a decade since the institute’s founding. Over the years, the institute has aided thousands of students in obtaining professional certifications, assisted a vast number of companies in establishing best practices and enhancing their operational capabilities, and built a global network of members dedicated to shaping and developing the entire supply chain. This is something that the organisation plans to continue doing throughout the coming years - Jacky Stansfield Smith, IoSCM CEO, comments, ‘The Institute team looks forward to continuing the success of the first ten years in the decades ahead as we help even more professionals and businesses achieve their aims and advance in the global supply chain!’ In fact, IoSCM’s focus upon its clients and how it serves them is a significant factor in the organisation’s unique selling point. It is entirely flexible and provides clients with units that meet their individual learning needs, allows them to work at their own pace, and, with nine different assessment methods, IoSCM enables learners to tailor their qualifications to meet their requirements. This flexibility, paired with the unlimited expert support that IoSCM provides in an array of ways, means that learners can invest in their professional development with confidence, safe in the knowledge that they have chosen the best distance learning experience for them. Moreover, IoSCM prides itself on remaining on top of any industry developments, especially those that could potentially impact the organisation. The clients are, of course, IoSCM’s main priority, and therefore, it strives to minimise such changes in order to provide a streamline learning process. Consequently, IoSCM maintains a team of industry experts who closely monitor potential new trends, changing demands, or advancements, and it works with leading organisations to understand the possible impact on its sector or such sectors within the supply chain. IoSCM’s internal culture is ‘the key to [its] success.’ The organisation’s vibrant team are keen to get stuck into their roles and deliver exceptional services to IoSCM’s clients. As much of the team work remotely, it is imperative that they stay connected, and as a result, IoSCM holds frequent online meetings, zoom quizzes, challenges, and catch-ups, and it celebrates birthdays, milestones, and successes. ‘Our team all have the opportunity to spend time on their own personal and professional development and as a business, we are happy to invest in this. We want to grow and develop the capabilities of all of our team so that they stay with us. Working remotely has enabled us to attract and retain talented professionals and ensure they feel as an integral part of the team as anyone in the office. Our team makes us who we are as a business,’ Jacky concludes. Currently, many businesses are recovering from the impact of Covid-19, and the aftermath of the outbreak has emphasised the importance of IoSCM’s services. The institute is supporting an ever-increasing number of businesses who are investing in the professional development of their employees. Through its work with such clients, IoSCM hopes to cultivate a corporate landscape that promotes a sustainable and environmentally conscious global supply chain. In order to continue assisting these clients, IoSCM has plans to expand its range of support to focus on the biggest developments within systems, processes, and modernisations to keep its courses ‘relevant, useful, and impactful’ as it continues to better standards across the supply chain. Contact: Jacky Stansfield Smith Company: Institute of Supply Chain Management (IoSCM) Web Address: