Global Business Awards 2022

Global Business Awards 2022 Global Business Awards 2022

Introducing the Global Business Awards 2022 Due to major global challenges over the past few years that have affected the business world significantly there has been a surge of innovation and technological development from businesses all over the globe. Whether you are from a large conglomerate or small independent business, we look to honour anyone who has excelled in their sector. Following on from the success of last year awardees The Global Business Awards 2022 will once again cast a shining light on the tireless efforts of businesses and individuals that strive to help the ever-evolving global economy grow. Sofi Bajor, Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editorial Team Sif Brookes, Senior Editor | Sofi Bajor, Editor Daniel Long, Writer | Rebecca Scotland, Writer Gabriel Muers, Writer | Dontae Jones, Writer Design Team Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Junior Graphic Designer

Contents 4. Jonkers Translation & Engineering: Best Translation & Localization Services Provider 6. The Fibro Guy: Best Chronic Pain Management Consultancy 2022 - UK 7. Algosolver LLC: Best Software Development & Recruitment Agency – Northeast USA 8. Super Nature Products Europe BV: Health Supplements eTail Business of the Year 2022 - UK 9. Delta Controls: Commercial Building Automation Systems Provider of the Year 2022 10. All Weather Leisure Midlands Ltd: Best Hot Tub Sales & Services Business – Midlands 11. China Global Sourcing: Chinese Product Sourcing Specialists of the Year 2022 12. Lilvera Group: Most Client-Focused Marketing Agency of the Year – Africa 13. SICGEN - Antibodies: Best Polyclonal Antibody Manufacturers 2022 14. The Dog Walker Wetherby: Most Trusted Pet Care Provider – West Yorkshire 15. Institute of Supply Chain Management (IoSCM): International Education Supporting Supply Chain Improvement 16. Rose of Sharon Bermuda: Best Diverse Wedding & Events Planner 2022 - Caribbean 17. MOL: Leading Provider of HR Learning & Development Courses 2022 18. Precedence One Home Inspections LLC: Best Property Inspection Company 2022 - Las Vegas 19. visaVento AG: Leading Independent Eco-Power Supplier 2022 – Switzerland 20. Stance: Best Low-Impact Fitness Studio - Central Saudi Arabia

community of linguists and the quality and progress of these translations to be monitored based on live data. Jonckers has processed more than 600 million words for Amazon in over 120 language combinations, so far. Click here to find out how exactly they did it. At the time, Amazon was a pioneer in need of continuous localization, whilst others were still translating in a step-by-step style. Nowadays, more and more companies are looking for agile ways to bring their content to the market faster, and this is why WordsOnline is now used by many more companies around the globe. The automated process and workflows in WordsOnline have also increased the productivity of Jonckers’ network of linguists. Through the platform, Jonckers’ Language Analysts have the insight to provide seamless feedback and training to Jonckers’ linguists, enabling them to constantly improve their quality of translations, even while the translation project is ongoing. Utilizing machine translation (MT) technology – either in a standalone way or combining it with human expertise – WordsOnline is also ideal for use by travel and tourism companies, such as Turkish Airlines, Marriott, and skyscanner, enabling their travelers to access cultural guides; information about holidays, activities, and festivities; resort videos; tour teaser videos; user-generated reviews; and more. Best Translation & Localization Services Provider Jonckers Translation & Engineering helps companies to bring their products to global markets faster, cost-effectively, and at optimal quality levels. The company achieves this by combining its AIenabled platform, WordsOnline, with its highly curated pool of linguists and in-house professionals. Jonckers has long-standing relationships with global brands such as Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe, and Marriott International. Content is king and translation is the unsung hero Content does not come in a one-size-fits-all; it comes in all shapes and sizes. Large eCommerce companies such as Amazon have millions of product descriptions to translate each year into all major languages, while manufacturing and electronics companies need to renew thousand-page-long user and technical manuals with every product release and upgrade. These companies also have customers and employees all over the world with whom they need to communicate. Jonckers removes the language barriers, enabling companies in retail/ eCommerce, manufacturing and automotive, travel and tourism, hospitality, and IT/hi-tech to communicate with their customers in their native language with ease – 80% faster and up to 50% cheaper than traditional translation services. Even if an online customer is multilingual, they tend to prefer to browse in their native language; if the full experience is in their native language, there will be a higher chance of them engaging and making a purchase. Jonckers serves its clients with a hybrid combination of its in-house AI-powered translation platform, WordsOnline, and its connected worldwide network of linguists and translators. Using continuous localization, it can deliver a content flow that runs day and night, keeping client deadlines on track. Learn more about how AI translation works here WordsOnline was originally developed to manage Amazon’s highvolume projects with tight delivery times. The platform enables Amazon’s content to be translated continuously by Jonckers’ Charlene Douglass, Knowledge Management Leader at Microsoft says, “After many years working together, we’re still delighted with Jonckers’ service. We value high-quality translations, a competitive price and highspeed turnaround, and Jonckers delivers on all three. No one comes close to their pricing and quality level. Other teams are asking us to manage their translations through Jonckers, as they love the quality, speed, and service with Jonckers.” By Corporate Vision in the Global Business Awards 2022

Apart from the increased demand for continuous localization, Jonckers also sees more customers requiring higher volumes of global video and e-learning content. Adobe has been a major client of Jonckers for over 20 years, so it was only natural that Adobe’s global program managers turned to Jonckers when they were looking to deliver a localized experience for their Adobe Experience League customers, the e-learning hub for Adobe Enterprise products. The number of videos used for this e-learning product was high: over 8,000 videos in nine languages, in the first 18 months. Adobe needed a translation and engineering partner who could deliver this ambitiously high number of videos with localized subtitles and voiceovers as well as time-coded transcriptions – all to the quality standard that Adobe customers have come to expect. “The combination of pricing, the use of machine memory, WordsOnline platform, efficient processes, and how you respond to our inquiries and urgent needs, all came together for us to show the partnership is solid,” says Jennifer Wraspir, Senior Director of Professional Services at MediaPRO. Jean-Francois Vanreusel, Director of Globalization at Adobe, says, “This level of work is tremendous. Everyone is moving to video-based learning and communication, so it’s great for us to be driving the localization and supply of the videos. The demand for videos is only going to increase in the future and we’re delighted to be working with a partner who can be as scalable and flexible as we require. As more of our divisions shift to video, podcasting, and localizing new content, we’re delighted to be in a position to grow together with Jonckers.” Besides translation services, Jonckers also supports organizations with additional services such as Desktop Publishing Services (DTP), Multimedia Services, and Linguistic & Functional Software Testing Services. Ultimately, it is thanks to Jonckers and its technology that clients can cut down costs, take their products to market faster, and still provide all the information their customers need to an outstandingly high standard. Jonckers innovates to make translation efficient, accurate, and hassle-free – and it is truly showing the industry how it is done and this is why they’ve been recognised in the Global Business Awards as the Best Translation & Localization Services Provider. Company: Jonckers Translation & Engineering Contact: Silke Zschweigert, CEO Email: [email protected] Website: and Order Online with Translate Now Sources: Adobe Case Study | Jonckers Amazon Case Study | Jonckers Microsoft Case Study | Jonckers Helena Masar, Sr. Content Program Manager at Microsoft, focused on the importance of open communications and collaboration, states, “Not only do you find creative ways to quickly adjust and improve our fastchanging localization processes, you are also very fun and easy to work with. You work smart and are very agile, which, in turn, allows us to thrive.” Global Business Awards 2022 5

This has allowed it to even further develop its consistent efforts in keeping ahead of the chronic pain management medical field’s latest work, unlimited by any border-related limitations. Moreover, this growth has allowed it to be able to realise its goal of training more practitioners abroad in the same dedication to excellence, empathy, and high-standard effective care, hoping to open more studios outside of the UK sooner rather than later. In understanding that pain is complicated, and that no two people will suffer from the same symptoms, it has forged its ethos of individualised, personal, and scientifically empowered care. Thus, it takes the ‘lottery’ element out of healthcare by simply designing its programmes with the client in mind right from the very beginning instead of the usual ‘one size fits all’ attempt at pain management that many healthcare providers automatically gravitate towards when handling chronic pain. Company: The Fibro Guy Contact: Adam Foster Website: Aug22391 Best Chronic Pain Management Consultancy 2022 - UK Founded by Adam Foster, The Fibro Guy was founded as a business that can provide what the CEO has historically found it near impossible to find for himself. As a sufferer of chronic pain after his tour in Afghanistan, Adam dedicated himself to developing and delivering exemplary consultation on pain management for those struggling with long term illnesses, especially when they concern fibromyalgia and hypermobility syndromes. Committed to the idea of ‘healthcare done differently’, The Fibro Guy is a company headed up by someone who intrinsically understands what his patients are going through, as he himself has through it too. Able to provide empathic, honest, and caring consultations regarding how to manage and rehabilitate chronic pain, Adam Foster – the founder – has created the only rehabilitation programme in the world that offers unlimited time on the programme. As to The Fibro Guy as a company, all its practitioners are themselves, at one time, chronic pain sufferers, much like the founder himself. Indeed, with research into chronic pain ongoing, The Fibro Guy hopes to help encourage this to keep growing by keeping abreast of prevailing trends, making itself an avid supporter of the science and healthcare pushing for better chronic pain management. The Fibro Guy takes pride in always being ahead of the curve in this manner, happy to present all relevant findings to its clients and use the ongoing work to instil hope that better standards of healthcare are being constantly developed. Working both in person and online, its clients form a worldwide network of people that is constantly growing and expanding.

Dec21426 Best Software Development & Recruitment Agency – Northeast USA New York company, Algosolver, provides businesses with complete marketplace solutions. With over 10 years of experience, the company excels in helping its client achieve their marketing goals by providing creative and affordable solutions. We speak to CEO, Zunayed Mahfuz, to get a glimpse behind the scenes. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, using an online marketplace to grow your business has never been so popular. Many more customers have taken to making their purchases online. Even those who were previously reticent to do so. And the trend looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. Software development and staffing agency, Algosolver, is helping entrepreneurs and companies upscale their online presence. Algosolver offers its own platform on which clients can build an online marketplace in minutes. The out-of-the-box solution has a comprehensive feature set as standard, as well as offering optional custom features and integrations. As well as its core components, the all-in-one package incorporates illustration design, SEO services and UÍ/UX design. Zunayed tells us, “We build custom features and integrations on top of powerful APIs. Custom microservices such as messaging, booking, listing and transactions integrate with different platforms. We provide clients in the north-east USA, the UK and Canada with quality corporate design and custom e-commerce solutions.” Once your Algosolver web or mobile app is up and running, there’s no need to perform scheduled back-ups. The Algosolver platform is secured to best practice standards. And as well as guaranteeing the security of your customers’ online payments, Algosolver’s expert support team are on hand to advise, every day of the year. As you might imagine, Algosolver is also a software development service for hire. The company prides itself on the ability of its experts to create usable, fully responsive designs to meet the customer’s brief. And they’ll even throw in 6 months of free maintenance. Staying at the forefront of technology is an ongoing effort that has no place for ego. Zunayed explains, “We encourage our team to stay open to new technology. When a sales representative reaches out to us about new software, we don’t discard the email because we have another system in place. When we notice a competitor using a new tool, we look into it. By being willing to question the way things are done and look for areas of improvement, we continue to innovate and improve.” Getting feedback from stakeholders is key too. “We talk with our customers and partners – a lot. They tell us about their short and long-term plans and we bake those requirements into our product development. Using the ‘MVP’ mindset, we’re quick to build in the next generation of capabilities and test them in the market to see what sticks.” Algosolver’s recruitment arm provides a platform for businesses and talent to connect with each other as well as a fully managed recruitment solution for employers. This is just one of the products that Algosolver has successfully developed and launched under its own brand. Algo solver CTO Wasfi Ahad let us know the next big development, “We’re developing our own product that we’ll be launching in November. It’s called ‘WoofMeets’ and it will be a marketplace where pet owners connect with pet sitters in their neighbourhood. Our platform will help the pet sitters to earn more money than on other marketplace applications such as Rover or Wag.” Contact: Zunayed Mahfuz Company: Algosolver LLC Web Address: Algosolver offers its own platform on which clients can build an online marketplace in minutes. The out-of-the-box solution has a comprehensive feature set as standard, as well as offering optional custom features and integrations. Global Business Awards 2022 7

Human lives and nature are inextricably linked together, with the power of nature often more potent than many would have you believe. Super Nature Products Europe BV was established with the aim of better linking human being with a more natural way of life. We take a look at the firm, following its impressive triumph in Corporate Vision’s Global Business Awards 2022. At the age of 33, Chris Blancke had a very serious accident. When complications arose, doctors told him that they might have to perform an acute amputation, one which would see him lose a large part of his leg as well as his foot. Chris didn’t accept this, and chose to follow a path that embraced the possibilities of nature in medical procedures. After three years in a wheelchair, he began rehabilitation with wonderful results – as well as his foot and leg completely intact! The creation of Super Nature Products was the natural evolution of what happened to Chris. He wanted to share a knowledge of what nature could bring with as wide an audience as possible. Hippocrates is reported to said, “let your food be your medicine” and this has inspired many of Chris’ decisions. His website was the first to offer worldwide, bio-energetic orthomolecular food supplements. The range of products has grown dramatically over the years too. With more products entering the market, and new scientific discoveries that vindicate the use of better natural health as a solution to all kinds of problems, it’s little wonder that his approach has seen enormous success. Operating online means that Chris has been able to sell products around the world with ease. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this has allowed the firm to continue selling its products around the world. The crisis has sparked an interest in various vitamins and minerals and herbs. As health has become a priority for many, they have begun to explore other paths to a more natural way of life. As Super Nature Products is home to many different brands that are designed to support people’s health, this has opened the door to even more business for clients. To stay ahead of emerging developments is key to the success of Super Nature Products, with a business model that is akin to the adoption of the latest fashions. While good health remains a constant, the methods of achieving it change as we gain new knowledge. Even if a new product is adopted by several manufacturers, the presentation of these products can change too. The team at Super Nature Products carefully curates its products so that it is able to act as the best solution for their customers. Looking ahead, Chris and his team hope to expand the company into new parts of the world. It has been approached directly by many who want to buy their products. This growth geographically is matched by an expansion to the range of products available. The team are actually developing their own range of products, a special series called Pure. This only contains the main ingredient and the capsule, allowing the maximum effect has be experienced by the customer, in the shortest time and at the most competitive price. Few can argue with the power that nature holds, but the team at Super Nature Products really tries to deliver this to people around the world. Their success in this field is a reflection of its founder, Chris, and his commitment to making this dream of a world healed by nature into a reality. Company: Super Nature Products Europe BV Name: Chris Blancke Web Address: Aug22462 Health Supplements eTail Business of the Year 2022 - UK

Aug22552 Commercial Building Automation Systems Provider of the Year 2022 For more than 35 years, Delta Controls has been delivering innovative solutions to better the automation systems industry. Having cultivated a huge distribution network of more than 300 partners across 80 countries, its broad reach and global excellence have given it access to a comprehensive knowledge base of intelligent, imaginative building solutions across various markets. This has helped Delta Controls establish a continuous cycle of improvement in building automation and discovering new innovations that show no signs of slowing. Having made itself a huge global player in the building automation industry – both for knowledge dissemination and putting innovation into action – Delta Controls has dedicated itself to constant growth and development. The organization and its partners take a staunchly forward-thinking approach to the Building Automation System industry. With improvement and discovery, the beating heart, every employee ensures this remains constant in bringing several fields into its technologies. Thus, its building automation systems are a synergistic combination of market information, data gathering, data analysis, technological ingenuity, and specialist expertise. Its services are streamlined, effective, and ‘superpowered’ – a recent commendation given by one of its partners – resulting in a highly trusted All-In-One campus that handles anything a client could ask for. Indeed, it conducts manufacture, research, project development, support, and testing, all in-house allowing collaborative thinking and faster rates, putting the client at the centre of operations. Moreover, its cross-functional teamwork to source components backs up its pedigree of reliability. The proof in the pudding is not missing a single day of manufacture in the last three pandemic years. 99% of its products are available to customers, and the Delta Controls O3 Edge standalone multi-sensor Global Business Awards 2022 9 has become an invaluable business tool to such clients during the pandemic. The sensor works to bring access controls into the same HVAC system that controls lights and advanced automation to create a touchless environment, one that is feature rich and intuitive. In this way, it stays ahead in cyber security, with Delta Controls leading the pack in improving industry protocol; it was the first to achieve BTL certification for BACnet Secure Connect in this way, able to guarantee rigorous testing as a result. With a core culture of teamwork, determination, and excellence, its comprehensive in-house manufacture and collaboration have given it a reputation for excellence that will soon extend to its upcoming solutions. Once Delta Controls unveils its latest innovative solution, Red5, customers rest assured that it has the same reliability and resilience as any other Delta Controls product, this time with additional IoT capabilities alongside wholesale HVAC control. It will also be looking further into actively giving energy-saving advice to help its clients during the rising energy costs, allowing them to maximize efficiency and proving itself a friend to their business and a service provider. Company: Delta Controls Contact: Allan Lanzador, Director of Marketing Website:

For hot tubs, swim spas, and garden buildings, All Weather Leisure Midlands Ltd (AWL) offers the best solutions and services that will keep customers coming back for more. With free home visits for hot tub relocation and moves, hot tub servicing, hot tub repairs, landscaping, electrical installation, and garden building erection, there’s something for everyone to benefit from. Here we take a closer look. All Weather Leisure Midlands Ltd (AWL) is a luxury hot tubs sales company in Cannock and Shrewsbury. Taking inspiration from its own showroom in Cannock, it created a showroom in Shrewsbury in 2020. The success of the Cannock showroom was absolutely astonishing, which meant that big dreams were guaranteed to come true in the new Shrewsbury showroom. AWL was not wrong. Its showrooms have both provided it with an avenue to explore with its customers by its side. AWL always goes the extra mile for its new and returning customers, ensuring they have everything they need to enjoy their garden at all points in the year. Because of this, it has earned itself a spot at the top. Its Midlands showrooms are fully equipped with a comprehensive range of tubs and swim spas all created by Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs. These hot tubs and spas are the best on offer, and are designed with broad levels of manufacturer’s warranties – to ensure everything is in order for every customer – helping the products to last a lifetime. Also supplying Vortex Spas® and Swim Life Swim® products, AWL is dedicated to delivering goods that will leave customers feeling happy and extremely pampered. Its large range of hot tub chemicals, hot tub accessories, Covana hot tub buildings, wooden garden buildings, thatched gazebos, and swim spas, AWL can furnish each garden with items that promote serenity and pleasure. Directors, Luke and Liam, guarantee that the entire team is made up of individuals that care about each customer and their overall experience of the services and products. They make sure to guide the team in a direction that will keep everyone with peace of mind when purchasing and using the right product for them. Aug22515 Best Hot Tub Sales & Services Business – Midlands No sale is rushed or pushed upon customers. They can choose their favourite product and purchase it in their own time. AWL finds that this is best for every customer, as they deserve autonomy whilst being treated with respect – guided with no pressure to purchase anything that they may feel unsure about. Its philosophy of only offering the greatest products is the very crux of the business. This promises customers excellent goods that come from the USA. Offering a bespoke approach to each transaction, AWL puts its focus on the end result of the sale – making sure to satisfy the customer with a safe haven on their property. Not only this, but AWL supplies all that the buyer wants and needs with its spotless products and incredible customer service. Winning a plethora of awards over the last five years, AWL has secured an unparalleled reputation that keeps it on top of its game. Recently, it won Hot Tubs Retailer of the Year – West Midlands and Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 in the Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022, from SME News. AWL has exceeded all expectations and surpassed a pivotal point of success to get to where it is now. It has done this by listening to its customers and staying as a tight knit team that wishes to deliver the best products on time, every time. Now it has also won Best Hot Tub Sales & Services Business – Midlands and we are excited to see where it goes next. As it consistently raises the bar for the industry, we can tell that it is holding the torch and leading the way for businesses wishing to offer products that people fall in love with over and over again. Contact: Luke Shelley Company: All Weather Leisure Midlands Ltd Web Address:

Sep22039 Chinese Product Sourcing Specialists of the Year 2022 Since 2015, China Global Sourcing has been a leading provider of fully managed end-to-end sourcing solutions for businesses looking to manufacture and import from China. The team works to discover new and exciting factories, and then connects them to businesses that require their services. No matter what the challenge, whether it is sampling, prototyping, manufacturing, certification, or branding and packaging, the CGS team knows exactly who to turn to. The work that the team undertakes covers an extraordinary range of different products and industries, each with its own unique set of demands and challenges. It does mean that the team has quickly acquired a wealth of transferable experiences which ensure that large scale manufacturing, prototype, custom designed sample or branded product can be delivered without any problems. From enquiry to delivery, businesses place their trust in CGS and receive exactly what they expect every time. Some of the clients that the team takes on already have their own suppliers in China, but this does not mean that CGS cannot provide an invaluable service. In fact, it opens the door to onsite quality control, consolidation of products for shipment, warehousing, landed worldwide shipping, and customs clearance, which ensures that the quality of the product is to AQL standards and delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible. The team can also facilitate the purchasing products, labelling, barcoding (ASIN and FNSKU), bagging, and direct shipment from China to e-commerce platform fulfilment centres around the globe. CGS employs specialist consultants who understand in-depth the requirements that each product has. One of the key aspects of what is on offer is the use of recognised laboratories to test and certify products, to regulatory and safety standards. These include CE, UL, SAA, FC, BIS, SASO, IEC, REACH, RoHS, CPSIA, EN71, LFGB, FDA and IP65. Being able to find a provider who can ensure this process is delivered effectively is no easy feat, but one which takes the pressure from other departments. Working with CGS has benefited many businesses, smoothing the process of bringing a product to market significantly. The reason that the team has been able to thrive over the last seven years is a credit to their proactive approach to Chinese business. Many would simply have external representatives on the ground, but CGS sends inhouse members of the team directly to the location. This allows them to carry out detailed factory inspections, audits and quality control inspections to AQL standards. At every stage of CGS’ operations is a commitment to helping businesses reduce potential losses, setting up large scale manufacturing and maximising the resultant efficiency. CGS has built its own intricate network of companies to create and manage supply chains and be the point of contact on the ground in China for their clients. This intimate local knowledge is just one reason why the firm is such a valuable asset to clients around the world. The supply chains that keep business moving are vital to business success, but few understand how complex these links are and how one fault in the chain can cause enormous delay. The team at CGS is intimately aware of the value that their clients put in the supply chain, and make the most effort possible to ensure that every link plays its part perfectly. The work that CGS does is invaluable to many businesses, allowing them to prove their considerable ability on the international stage with the greatest of ease. They are an essential addition to the offerings of many businesses, providing an invaluable way forward in terms of manufacturing. The demand for their services is only likely to increase as more businesses turn to CGS to support their manufacturing capacity. Company: China Global Sourcing Email: [email protected] Website: For countries around the world, China has become an intrinsic part of the supply chain. It’s impossible to overstate its importance to many industries, but success depends on finding a factory that can deliver to the standards you expect. With so many choices across the region, it is worth paying an expert to ensure standards are met. The team at China Global Sourcing have made manufacturing and importing from China their mission, and we dig a little deeper to find out more. Global Business Awards 2022 11

Unlocking a business’s potential means something different depending on the industry. Any strategies or solutions designed to reach this aim must be tailor-made to take advantage of a company’s specific pros, cons, and abilities. Lilvera Group knows that better than most, and its full service revolves around delivering those bespoke services that elevate its clients into the next tier of profitability. When Lilvera was founded, it intended to unlock a business’s potential via tailor-made marketing solutions. Now, over 12 years later, from digital marketing tools to general strategies, Lilvera supplies marketing tools and techniques that enable businesses to reach their peak. At Lilvera group, customers receive ultramodern branding and fabrication solutions guaranteed to leave a lasting impression, customised to fit the brand. With customised marketing and promotional strategies – designed to help generate new leads, re-engage with existing customers, and boost a client’s revenue – clients’ brands receive the necessary push it needs to dominate in a constantly evolving marketplace. No matter the target demographics they aim to reach, no matter the platform, it ensures its clients’ visibility and market share. Lilvera Group also offers clients the best event management services, tailor-made for the specific brand and target audience. As every event calls for its own degree of uniqueness, it aims to “wow” clients and their customers with well-thought-out strategies and ideas to make each project stand clear from any other. It also uses well-thought-out and executed stories to provide a fresh experience every time consumers engage with the brand, thus building brand love and loyalty. It was founded to serve its customers and commits to building value for them. As a company, it has a strong focus on marketing solutions however, its focus does not end there. Lilvera also provides a suite of IT solutions and integrations to aid in a customer’s operations. For example, its IT deployment services provide extensive installation experience to meet client’s needs for successful deployment, installation, and reliability, no matter how big or small. On the other hand, its IT consultants work to analyse and solve the strategic or routine IT problems its customers have. It is a multi-faceted organisation that works to ensure its client’s futures are full of success. Concurrently, Lilvera’s work has a marked inclination towards generating sales. The team isn’t content to just boost the general perception of the brand, it ensures Lilvera’s solutions tangibly benefit its clients’ bottom lines. So far, 2022 has been quite successful for Lilvera. The company is still on a path to further growth and looks forward to increasing its clientele and business portfolio. The only pressing industry-based challenge it has met is the rising number of competitors. However, its passion, originality, and proven success give it something the newcomers lack. Additionally, though the pandemic affected the entire world – with the industry being no exception – for Lilvera, there was next to no struggle connecting with clients. Due to the unique relationships Lilvera forges with its customers, it effortlessly wades through challenging times to achieve the goals it sets out to achieve. Every action and solution it crafts are unique to each client, so no two businesses will receive the same work from Lilvera’s team. However, they will share an incredibly high level of service and equally effective and profitable marketing and IT solutions from Africa’s Most Client-Focused Marketing Agency of the Year. Contact: Buchi Johnson Email: [email protected]. Company: Lilvera Group Web Address: Sep22451 Most Client-Focused Marketing Agency of the Year – Africa Lilvera “Lilvera drives innovation to create the world’s best solutions.”

Aug22507 Best Polyclonal Antibody Manufacturers 2022 The development and growth of antibodies for research and development is a fascinating, yet complex, enterprise. However, that does not stop SICGEN – one of the relatively few Europe-based manufacturers – from providing an essential service using the latest, cuttingedge techniques and technology. The polyclonal antibodies it markets and manufactures stand clear of its competitors. Founded in 2009 as a spin-off from the University of Coimbra, SICGEN Antibodies is a company that manufactures polyclonal antibodies for cell biology research. These essential tools for assay-specific target discovery and detection can provide researchers with high-quality and highly reproducible data when used in myriad studies and experiments. The company produces and markets polyclonal antibodies successfully used in several Life Sciences research areas. For example, the antibodies against fluorescent proteins such as GFP, mCherry, and tdTomato have been featured in numerous life science research publications, such as ‘Nature, Cell, and Science.’ While there is no shortage of companies currently producing antibodies, many are in North America, with very few in Europe. Despite being based in a small village in the district of Coimbra, in Portugal, SICGEN Antibodies’ production unit raises and produces hundreds of antibodies per annum. By taking full advantage of innovative technologies, SICGEN is committed to becoming a global producer of polyclonal antibodies and antibody-related products and services of the highest quality and at competitive prices. As of 2022, SICGEN’s product line includes nearly three hundred products. Its antibodies are typically used for research purposes, with a particular focus on Western Blotting (WB), Immunofluorescence (IF), and immunocytochemistry (IHC). However, they are also used for ELISA, immunoprecipitation, and other biochemical techniques. Regardless of their intended use, SICGEN continuously strives to develop new antibodyrelated products and services for a variety of applications in industry and research. The antibody industry has expanded significantly in the last decade. The offer of antibodies produced in large animal farms can pose challenges to smaller companies in terms of prices. However, what small companies like SICGEN can lose in price competitiveness is easily won in flexibility and response to customers’ individual needs. In cell biology research, when SICGEN was founded and in 2022, high-quality antibodies are in high demand. Back in 2009, there was a lack in Europe of this type of company and SICGEN’s continued success derives from its operation in focus on niche areas where it fills clear gaps in the supply of highquality antibodies. Its team’s ability to predict how scientific areas are likely to evolve and what their needs would be is an added contributor. It has gained a competitive advantage, and opportunities, in an extremely competitive market by focusing on those products. SICGEN has been continuing to develop, produce, and market new antibodies to fill several gaps in the antibody market. In addition, it is reaching out to new customers in different markets by increasing its distributor channels and implementing a free sample programme. Overall, there are challenges for all antibody producers that result from the scientific and technological developments in the biotech industry. However, the field of biological research is in constant need of advancement. Enterprises so inextricably tied to scientific practices thrive off innovation, which SICGEN understands for its customers, itself, and those collaborating with it. SICGEN Antibodies’ products consistent presence in distributors’ e-catalogues, published scientific papers, and their use in a range of research is evidence of the antibodies’ high quality. The business’s focus on top-notch production, research and development and supplying precisely what the market needs underlines why SICGEN Antibodies is the Best Polyclonal Antibody Manufacturers 2022. Contact: Jose Ramalho Company: SICGEN - Antibodies Web Address: / Global Business Awards 2022 13

For those who have them, pets are an essential part of people’s lives. However – with most owners working ever-longer hours – giving them the care and appreciation they need, and deserve, is often a challenge. The Dog Walker is a service born from understanding this exact circumstance. As Yorkshire’s largest pet care and well-being specialist, it steps in to care for its customer’s pets as if they were its own. Founded in 2006, The Dog Walker has built a reputation for care and cost. Each of its franchises, with the Wetherby district a prime example, promises a quality of care that will leave both the pets and pet owners ecstatic. Rachel and Nigel in Boston Spa, as well as the myriad of testimonials for the service, would agree. “We just want to say a massive thank you to Richie for taking Poppy out these last few months, she has obviously had a great time and it has helped us so much.” Richie Barlow, the Founder and head of The Dog Walker, brings an undeniable passion for customer service and delivering premier quality care to his clients’ pets. With over fifteen years of experience, he is also well equipped to provide it. His love for animals – and the adjacent desire to help their owners – is self-evident and the foundation of his safe, flexible, reliable service. As The Dog Walker covers a vast range within the greater Wetherby district, it has a reputation as one of the largest and highest-rated services available. In fact, the multi-award-winning pet care and wellbeing specialist is one of the largest of its kind in the UK. Predominantly servicing dogs and domesticated cats, Richie and his team’s love for animals is unquestionable. The team walks clients’ pets and even offers an in-home boarding service. In addition, The Dog Walker supplies a pet taxi for significant events, like weddings and vet visits. This is far from an exhaustive list of its facilities and services. The Dog Walker’s motto is ‘the kinder alternative to kennels,’ and it aspires to echo this at every juncture. It allows the pets in its care to remain in familiar, or at least friendly, surroundings with an expert carer to play, exercise, and otherwise tend to them. All whilst its clients go about their busy lives. With free initial visits, dog walks as low as £7 per walk, and care that can even include medication and day care; The Dog Walker is the perfect combination of diligence and wallet friendliness that one would want. However, the care it takes for its customer’s budgets does not compare to the care it takes in the name of safety. The Dog Walker’s team make no compromises in the name of safety, undertaking rigorous risk assessments and investing in head and body cameras to ensure maximum safety and transparency. When in the team’s care, clients’ pets are treated with the same love and reverence they have for their own. What’s more, dangerous areas and situations are avoided, and the pets are treated to a wonderful time. The Dog Walker’s team has provided Yorkshire with a team of talented, patient, and caring individuals for the pets and owners of the area. Its service and people are so dependable, trustworthy, and careful – winning The Dog Walker the title of Most Trusted Pet Care Provider in West Yorkshire. Contact: Richie Barlow Company: The Dog Walker Wetherby Web Address: Aug22453 Most Trusted Pet Care Provider – West Yorkshire

Aug22389 International Education Supporting Supply Chain Improvement The Institute of Supply Chain Management is devoted to helping learners across the globe; its diverse portfolio of courses has motivated many to gain qualifications and achieve their goals. As such, the Institute of Supply Chain Management has earned the title of Most Innovative International Supply Chain Development Organisation 2022. The Institute of Supply Chain Management – abbreviated to IoSCM – is the world’s largest and most well-known supply chain management institute in the world, and as a result, it boasts an impressive range of knowledge surrounding the international market. With professional certifications, membership options, bite-sized training programmes, and a plethora of resources, IoSCM can help users achieve their goals, no matter whether it is centred around self-improvement or the betterment of the skills and knowledge in a team. In 2022, IoSCM is commemorating a decade since the institute’s founding. Over the years, the institute has aided thousands of students in obtaining professional certifications, assisted a vast number of companies in establishing best practices and enhancing their operational capabilities, and built a global network of members dedicated to shaping and developing the entire supply chain. This is something that the organisation plans to continue doing throughout the coming years - Jacky Stansfield Smith, IoSCM CEO, comments, ‘The Institute team looks forward to continuing the success of the first ten years in the decades ahead as we help even more professionals and businesses achieve their aims and advance in the global supply chain!’ In fact, IoSCM’s focus upon its clients and how it serves them is a significant factor in the organisation’s unique selling point. It is entirely flexible and provides clients with units that meet their individual learning needs, allows them to work at their own pace, and, with nine different assessment methods, IoSCM enables learners to tailor their qualifications to meet their requirements. This flexibility, paired with the unlimited expert support that IoSCM provides in an array of ways, means that learners can invest in their professional development with confidence, safe in the knowledge that they have chosen the best distance learning experience for them. Moreover, IoSCM prides itself on remaining on top of any industry developments, especially those that could potentially impact the organisation. The clients are, of course, IoSCM’s main priority, and therefore, it strives to minimise such changes in order to provide a streamline learning process. Consequently, IoSCM maintains a team of industry experts who closely monitor potential new trends, changing demands, or advancements, and it works with leading organisations to understand the possible impact on its sector or such sectors within the supply chain. IoSCM’s internal culture is ‘the key to [its] success.’ The organisation’s vibrant team are keen to get stuck into their roles and deliver exceptional services to IoSCM’s clients. As much of the team work remotely, it is imperative that they stay connected, and as a result, IoSCM holds frequent online meetings, zoom quizzes, challenges, and catch-ups, and it celebrates birthdays, milestones, and successes. ‘Our team all have the opportunity to spend time on their own personal and professional development and as a business, we are happy to invest in this. We want to grow and develop the capabilities of all of our team so that they stay with us. Working remotely has enabled us to attract and retain talented professionals and ensure they feel as an integral part of the team as anyone in the office. Our team makes us who we are as a business,’ Jacky concludes. Currently, many businesses are recovering from the impact of Covid-19, and the aftermath of the outbreak has emphasised the importance of IoSCM’s services. The institute is supporting an ever-increasing number of businesses who are investing in the professional development of their employees. Through its work with such clients, IoSCM hopes to cultivate a corporate landscape that promotes a sustainable and environmentally conscious global supply chain. In order to continue assisting these clients, IoSCM has plans to expand its range of support to focus on the biggest developments within systems, processes, and modernisations to keep its courses ‘relevant, useful, and impactful’ as it continues to better standards across the supply chain. Contact: Jacky Stansfield Smith Company: Institute of Supply Chain Management (IoSCM) Web Address:

Planning a great event is no easy task, often requiring dozens of different people to come together and create something totally unique for the occasion. The team behind Rose of Sharon Bermuda have built a reputation without parallel thanks to their ability to deliver events with the greatest of ease. As this skill is recognised in Corporate Vision’s Global Business Awards 2022, we thought it time to dig a little deeper into the secrets of the team’s success. Claire-Anne Raynor is the beating heart of Rose of Sharon Bermuda. As the founder and guiding force for the business, she has founded the perfect place to demonstrate her incredible skill in the field of event planning. Having been involved in Bermuda’s exciting events industry since 1999, she brings an astonishing depth of knowledge to every single project that she undertakes. Needless to say, this detailed knowledge has allowed many people to see their wildest dreams come to glorious life. Over the years, Claire-Anne and her team have been entrusted with delivering some truly exceptional events, including weddings centred around the needs of various different cultures. Most notably in their quiver is their skill for planning Nigerian and South Asian [Hindu] weddings, creating curated events such as festivals, productions, conferences, and corporate celebrations and their new service, compassionate services for funerals. Each has different challenges to overcome, before the needs of the client even come to mind, so hiring a team that is well-equipped to deal with these makes the process so much more straightforward! That is not to say that the client is not paramount. Indeed, ClaireAnne takes a great deal of pride in the way in which she listens to clients and is able to keep track of their specific needs. When you’re planning your event, you want someone who is committed to creating something that reflects you as a person or your corporate identity. In short, Claire-Anne and her team have made their business for those who want an event which is unlike any other – one which turns moments into memories. Thanks to the team’s long experience in this field, they know the very best partners to work with in order to make your dream event a wild success. Collaborating with various vendors offering everything, no matter how big or small, they take care of every little detail so that nothing is left to chance. It goes without saying that the relationships they have built with other organisations is one of the most important reasons to turn to this intrepid crew. Far and away, the quickest way to find perfection is to work alongside organisations that accept nothing less! When looking at the incredible success of Rose of Sharon Bermuda, we see an organisation which has never settled for anything less than the best of the best. Throughout challenging times, they have championed their clients’ events and ensured they’ve always been of the highest quality. For auspicious occasions, there are no partners finer. Company: Rose of Sharon Bermuda Name: Claire-Anne Raynor Email: [email protected] Aug22439 Best Diverse Wedding & Events Planner 2022 - Caribbean