Global Business Awards 2022

Planning a great event is no easy task, often requiring dozens of different people to come together and create something totally unique for the occasion. The team behind Rose of Sharon Bermuda have built a reputation without parallel thanks to their ability to deliver events with the greatest of ease. As this skill is recognised in Corporate Vision’s Global Business Awards 2022, we thought it time to dig a little deeper into the secrets of the team’s success. Claire-Anne Raynor is the beating heart of Rose of Sharon Bermuda. As the founder and guiding force for the business, she has founded the perfect place to demonstrate her incredible skill in the field of event planning. Having been involved in Bermuda’s exciting events industry since 1999, she brings an astonishing depth of knowledge to every single project that she undertakes. Needless to say, this detailed knowledge has allowed many people to see their wildest dreams come to glorious life. Over the years, Claire-Anne and her team have been entrusted with delivering some truly exceptional events, including weddings centred around the needs of various different cultures. Most notably in their quiver is their skill for planning Nigerian and South Asian [Hindu] weddings, creating curated events such as festivals, productions, conferences, and corporate celebrations and their new service, compassionate services for funerals. Each has different challenges to overcome, before the needs of the client even come to mind, so hiring a team that is well-equipped to deal with these makes the process so much more straightforward! That is not to say that the client is not paramount. Indeed, ClaireAnne takes a great deal of pride in the way in which she listens to clients and is able to keep track of their specific needs. When you’re planning your event, you want someone who is committed to creating something that reflects you as a person or your corporate identity. In short, Claire-Anne and her team have made their business for those who want an event which is unlike any other – one which turns moments into memories. Thanks to the team’s long experience in this field, they know the very best partners to work with in order to make your dream event a wild success. Collaborating with various vendors offering everything, no matter how big or small, they take care of every little detail so that nothing is left to chance. It goes without saying that the relationships they have built with other organisations is one of the most important reasons to turn to this intrepid crew. Far and away, the quickest way to find perfection is to work alongside organisations that accept nothing less! When looking at the incredible success of Rose of Sharon Bermuda, we see an organisation which has never settled for anything less than the best of the best. Throughout challenging times, they have championed their clients’ events and ensured they’ve always been of the highest quality. For auspicious occasions, there are no partners finer. Company: Rose of Sharon Bermuda Name: Claire-Anne Raynor Email: [email protected] Aug22439 Best Diverse Wedding & Events Planner 2022 - Caribbean