Global Business Awards 2023

Best Environmental Plant Management Company 2023 - Austria entec biopower has a goal to fashion solutions that solve the problem of transforming organic waste into energy. It is supremely passionate about its niche business area in the waste industry, which encompasses individuals and firms who have organic waste that requires handling effectively. It supplies large, tailor-made industrial plants for waste management purposes, as well as compact “plug and play” container solutions known as entec ecoliners, designed for smaller portions of organic waste. The company is a well-known brand, with a presence around the world that currently includes sites on four continents. The high-tech solutions entec offers are sometimes architecturally ambitious undertakings, but no matter the scale it can always be relied upon to offer top quality as standard. It is a much sought-after partner in the biogas market with clients including but not limited to municipalities and waste management companies, food processors, livestock and poultry farmers, slaughterhouse operators, vegetable and fruit processors, and distilleries. The entec group consists of an ensemble of Austrian companies offering individually tailored solutions in the field of biological waste recycling. It is a pioneer in biogas technology, and also boasts a focus on sustainability within the commercial sector, which is something it has been delivering for more than 40 years. It seeks to improve society through highlighting the need to dispose of biological waste in as ethical a manner as possible. It also embraces social and societal responsibilities, treating customers and employees in an open and fair manner that recognises all ethical backgrounds and genders as being of equal status. The company unites a unique team of multi-disciplinary engineers including food technology, environmental and process engineers, biology, chemistry, electrical, civil, and machinery engineers, and plant and construction engineers. The dedicated team located at its headquarters in Austria comprises over 40 years’ experience, and promotes the company as a leading name in the industry across the globe. The employees at entec biopower are all recognised as individuals, complete with their own personal strengths and weaknesses. They bond together and flourish like a family, with characteristics that mutually balance out, naturally levelling up the team so that they are always capable of offering the best services for customers. Whenever a new employee joins the team they are welcomed into the fold and accepted in the same way, exactly as they are. There is no unnecessary pressure put on new employees, instead they are allowed the time and space to find their own place in the company. There are always certain challenges to be faced by the company in one way or another. Since it is inextricably enveloped in the export trade, international restrictions are a constant and necessary challenge to overcome. Thankfully, the firm’s many decades in the business has provided it with the expertise needed to handle such matters. It is determined to always give 100% to customers, and the highly motivating team atmosphere always encourages this. Currently, the biogas sector is in development all over the world as people have realised this technology is a fantastic alternative to assist with organic waste disposal. The digester systems offered by entec biopower are dependant on many different parameters. This includes the ingredients and the physical and chemical properties of the substrate, the characteristics of the industrial manufacturing process, and the structural situation on site. Happy customers and an overall satisfactory solution involves the correct use of components such as pre-treatment systems, pump technology, gas upgrading and more. entec biopower can provide ecoliners, which consist of a compact biogas plant in an industrial 40 ft standard container. This product is designed to meet the needs of industrial customers requiring energetic utilisation of biological waste, wastewater, or food waste. It is also an ideal solution for low-volume feedstocks such as small farms, breweries, or fruit juice producers. The entec MBS digester is flat in design, creating an ideal solution for use in small to medium-sized biogas plants. This digester can be used as a main or secondary unit, designed either with a fixed cover or closed by means of a double membrane that acts as a gas reservoir. Applications include all types of degradable organic wastewater, sludge, and waste. The entec MBS digester is a cost-effective solution which, depending on the application, uses high-speed or inclined shaft agitators to mix its contents. Another digester to consider is the System CSTR. This centrally stirred digester is particularly suited to organic sludges and substrates rich in solids, for example biowaste sludges and liquid manure. It is an upright cylindrical digester with a fixed top. Its contents are mixed by a centric vertical low speed agitator, which guarantees gentle treatment, and ensures optimal mass transport for the bacteriological degradation of the organic substances into biogas. With sizes up to 6,000m3, the CSTR digester is ideal for use in large-scale biogas plants. It is already used successfully to treat all types of degradable organic effluents, sludges and wastes, such as manure, municipal biowaste, catering and market wastes, food industry wastes, slaughterhouse wastes, and sewage sludge. Austrian based entec biopower has an admirable vision to convert organic waste materials into energy. To this end it offers essential knowledge in engineering and construction services, and conducts the commissioning and operational management of multiple anaerobic digestion plants. It has already been integral in over 300 planned and delivered projects in over 23 countries worldwide. “Our goal is to be recognised globally as biogas engineers of large and individually designed industrial plants. Our customers are focused on high tech architecture using state of the art technology resulting in creative new solutions.”