Global Business Awards 2023

Best Unisex Styling Salon 2023 - London Knots & Dye is a caring and creative hair salon, with expert stylists and services on offer to thrill even the most nervous of clientele. It knows that in the hair care business, there can be a lot of reticence amongst potential clients to even make first contact, let alone walk through the door. Knots & Dye wants to assure all its customers that it isn’t there just to skilfully style your tresses, but is a kind, friendly, and confidential partner from the very first moment you reach out. Whether it’s through a phone call, email, or via social media, it wants you to know that its focus goes far beyond hair. It’s also committed to prioritising the mental well-being of all clients, ensuring that they feel comfortable and safe throughout their experience. For Knots & Dye it goes beyond the transformation it can create for you on the outside; it wants to ignite a light from the very heart of its valued clients, empowering them from within. Whatever the worry, whatever the condition, whatever the secret hair desire, Knots & Dye is fanatical about celebrating the beauty of all hair textures. It has a fully inclusive approach, firmly believing that “hair is hair”, regardless of its texture. During its 6 wonderful years in business, it is sad to report that it’s encountered first-hand experience of how many individuals with curly, Afro, or mixed-texture hair have been turned away from salons, or told that their desired styles are unattainable. To set the record straight, Knots & Dye wants to make it clear that it believes every hair type is beautiful, and all are achievable with the right care and expertise. This salon doesn’t discriminate, it embraces diversity! The central London hairdressers revels in using its knowledge, common sense, and diverse range of products to make sure everyone feels welcome and can be directed to achieve the look they want. Knots & Dye thinks its okay to be different, and not follow what everyone else does. In fact, it celebrates it! It would be honoured to be trusted with aiding your hair journey, enabling you to fully achieve the potential that is unique to you and your roots. Knots & Dye is more than just another salon; it’s a haven of support and empowerment with a mission that goes beyond hair. The business is determined to go the extra mile in support of mental health, always standing side by side and uplifting people as much as it possibly can. Hairdressers are well known for listening to their clients woes in confidence, almost like a doctor, which is of course not a million miles away from the truth. The practition did indeed start out under the barber surgeon banner in the Middle Ages. These days we would not be particularly happy to discover out our local hairdresser is preparing to perform a limb amputation, but what we do still cherish is the special bond that exists between them as a professional and us as their client. In this vein, Knots & Dye thinks of itself as more than just a hairdresser in many ways. It is resolved to cultivating a relationship with clients where they can feel at ease to be their true selves. As your confidant and ally, the salon practitioner is there not only to make you look beautiful but to feel safe and valued. Whether this comes through a genuine conversation while getting your hair done or through extended support delivered outside the salon, Knots & Dye is dedicated to the wellbeing of its customers. It would like to be known as the place where beauty meets compassion, and it greatly values the unique relationships whereby altogether united with clients it’s more than just a salon; it’s a community. As such, the venue is overflowing with gratitude for every client who’s been a part of its journey and has pushed it to become better every day. It is immensely grateful for the client support that has led it to winning the prestigious award Best Unisex Styling Salon 2023 – London, in the Global Business Awards. Seeing returning clients, and welcoming new ones with smiles, laughter, and deep conversation is what makes this salon so very special. Knots & Dye wants to change the game in the hair and beauty industry, and see it earn the respect it truly deserves. Thanks to its many loyal clients the company has a strong belief it can achieve this, and indeed anything it sets out to do. It regards being a hairstylist or beautician as something that goes beyond a profession; but is as a chance to make a difference. It promises its followers and clients it is intent on revolutionising the industry to make it welcoming for every single person. It believes that those working in the hair and beauty business are true superheroes, deserving of respect for the work they do transforming lives, and putting smiles on people’s faces. After all, that is the very essence of the industry. Knots & Dye is committed to shining a light on the myriad of skills put to excellent use within the hair and beauty industry. It has made it its mission to become the best role model it can, and to positively influence the younger generation. It wants to show that regardless of where you start, hard work, honesty, and kindness can help you achieve anything. One of its core beliefs is that it’s essential to treat everyone equally and with respect. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, if you choose Knots & Dye you’re choosing to become a part of its community, and will be valued and appreciated as such. The salon is open and welcoming to all as a safe sanctuary. For Nohad and the rest of the lovely staff at Knots & Dye beauty isn’t about just looking good, it’s about feeling good from the inside out. It is honoured to be able to help clients enhance their own inner beauty, and values everyone as beautiful in their own unique way. It would be overjoyed if the next time you think about the industry you took a moment to look beyond the surface level and see the warmth, care, and passion within. It is proud Knots & Dye Ltd is an exciting, modern hair salon located in the heart of London’s Marylebone district. It offers professional styling services for women and men including cuts and blow dries, colour/technical, hair treatments, and professional extension services. It is the first independent venture for experienced hairdresser and style guru Nohad Da Silva, who is delighted to have the opportunity to bring her distinctive flair to the industry she loves.