Global Business Awards 2023

Global Business Awards 2023 15 “My journey hasn’t been without it’s challenges, but every hurdle has strengthened my conviction that I am here for a reason to not only grow my empire but to leverage it for the greater good – to make a difference. I hope that more businesses adopt this mantra: it’s not about what you can extract it’s about what you can give back. In a world driven by profits let’s redefine success let’s make kindness and purpose impact the true makers of achievement.” – Nohad Da Silva to stand tall and work tirelessly not just to beautify but to uplift and support every soul that walks through the door. It wants everyone to know it’s here and it’s listening to you, because the beauty industry is so much more than just skin deep. Company: Knots & Dye Ltd Web Address: Email: [email protected] Telephone: 02072583003 Contact Name: Nohad Da Silva