Global Business Awards 2023

Global Business Awards 2023 17 Sep23091 Based in Asnæs, Zealand, Brian Larsen is a well-educated and very experienced practitioner of hypnosis and hypnotherapy who is committed to helping people overcome their mental health challenges and banish their unwanted subconscious thoughts. Dedicated to his clients, he does not work on an hourly basis, instead he continues until the problem is resolved. Brian Larsen has worked in hypnosis and hypnotherapy since 2015. He was initially trained by Jacob Strachotta, Founder of the Institute for Advanced Hypnosis. After graduating, Brian was confident in his ability to effectively perform hypnosis, but his thirst for knowledge had not yet been quenched. He was eager to learn more about how he could make a difference and help people with hypnosis, so he took a long line of extra courses. He then went on to study master hypnotherapy at Martin Castor Peterson’s Hypnosis Academy. Since then, Brian has created his own programs, the first of which was designed to take place over eight weeks. Currently, he is working on a 16-week program that will focus on the client’s personal and general progress to help them quell their unwanted subconscious thoughts. To achieve this, he combines the methods he was taught by Jacob and Martin with the techniques he gained while studying to become a Master NLP Coach to deliver outstanding results. Brian is so confident in the quality of the services he provides that he offers his clients a special agreement. The day after their session, he calls them to see if they are satisfied with the results they have experienced. If they are not, he offers them another session where he wants to solve the same problem for free. Brian is proud that customers have never had to take up this offer, because they have never been dissatisfied with the results he has delivered. Brian is equipped with a thorough understanding of his own abilities. He knows what he can and cannot help people with. If a potential customer calls to ask if he can help with one problem, Brian always gives them his honest opinion. This has given him an abundance of respect and a good reputation in his field. Also, if a client doesn’t call Brian back, he doesn’t call them back to chase their business. He wants to help people because they want to be helped, not because he wants to earn their money. This is a very important part of his work as a hypnotherapist. For many years, Brian worked independently before hiring an IT professional to help him get set up on his website and online messaging features. He also recently hired another staff member to advertise the business, making them a team of three. Brian understands that hypnosis and hypnotherapy are currently considered alternative treatments for mental health problems. However, with a strong belief in their potential to help people, he hopes they will be taken more seriously in the future. To drive this change, Brian has offered his services to local authorities and suggests offering free sessions to two people struggling with their mental health. This would allow them to decide whether hypnosis and hypnotherapy have the potential to become widespread treatments in the future. Although they are currently apprehensive about accepting this offer, Brian hopes that he will have the opportunity to show off his skills in the future. As a result of the excellent sessions he delivers, Brian has been voted Denmark’s Best Hypnotherapist in the Global Business Awards 2023. With this prestigious title under his belt, Brian is looking towards a bright future and strives to grow his business and help more people with the powerful methods he has mastered. Contact: Brian Larsen Company: Brian Larsen Hypnose Aps Web address: tel.: 20678626 Best Hypnotherapist 2023 (Denmark): Brian Larsen