Global Business Awards 2023

this platform, it hopes to provide Japanese e-commerce companies with a way to connect, manage, and analyse the marketplaces at home and abroad, and effectively streamline their operations to enhance results. SOPHOLA feels that there are numerous domestic marketing challenges remaining to be addressed, which it aims to aid through forging relationships with the necessary technology solution services. It also intends to increase its visibility within Japan by actively participating in trade shows, exhibitions, and events. Looking to the future, SOPHOLA anticipates a surge in interest related to Generative AI. Chat GPT was launched in Japan earlier in the year, sparking a fascination, but it’s important to note that there are many other important AI technologies and similar solutions available globally that have not yet reached the Japanese market. As such, SOPHOLA’s commitment to identifying and mastering technology trends remains steadfast. It intends to continue discerning the needs of its domestic market clientele, and introducing them to appropriate cutting edge tech that can help them prosper. That’s one of the reasons why it’s been recognised as the Best Digital Marketing Technology Consultant 2023 – Japan, in the Global Business Awards. Congratulations to SOPHOLA on this fabulous achievement! Company: SOPHOLA, Inc Email: [email protected] Web Address: Contact Name: Masaki Iino Aug23661 Best Digital Marketing Technology Consultant 2023 - Japan SOPHOLA is located in the small regional city, Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture, but it has big ideas that are breaking new ground for hundreds of homegrown companies. It believes in the need to develop regional businesses outside major metropolitan areas such as Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, certain that without such “there can be no growth in Japan”. It shares tech solutions obtained from overseas investments with the domestic market in Japan, to resolve otherwise insurmountable challenges. One of the results of this is that it has enabled traditional Japanese crafts to be successfully sold overseas, for example to business enterprises such as restaurants. The company considers 4 key points whenever it engages in its primary business of consulting and outsourcing. First, it conducts extensive research to establish exactly how technology can assist domestic companies, and what’s currently holding them back. Simultaneously, it researches overseas tech start-ups in possession of the potential solutions that can bridge the missing gap. SOPHOLA’s unique skill at combining such companies leads to the significant betterment of both. The next phase is negotiation, which SOPHOLA is skilled at thanks to a tried and tested track record. It’s a smart negotiator, capable of successfully brokering advantageous deals for both parties. After that comes the testing phase when proof of concept is implemented. Although in an ideal world the technology solutions would seamlessly fit in with the domestic market service offering, this isn’t always the case. There are often bottlenecks that need overcoming, but SOPHOLA is skilled at successfully smoothing such problems and bringing products to market. Finally, the last stage is expansion, which is when feedback is gathered from customers to identify any additional needs currently missing. This information is fed back to the start-up tech companies to help them develop new features customers would welcome. SOPHOLA also leverages its own considerable experience in the field to offer tips to domestic market customers that can help them get the most out of the technology solutions employed. By concentrating on these phases SOPHOLA is able to provide comprehensive support to both tech start-ups and domestic companies throughout the entire process. One of the reasons that SOPHOLA looks to overseas start-ups for assistance with technology is that digital marketing in Japan is hindered by a language barrier. Despite it having the fourth largest digital marketing scale in the world in 2023 (according to oberlo. com statistics), interfaces and manuals are primarily in English. This contributes to the unfortunate lag in using technology that could enhance market advantages. Japan’s digital marketing potential is huge, and with efforts to overcome the language barriers and embrace cutting edge tech it is standing at the precipice of unlocking significant opportunities. For example, SOPHOLA has recently established an exclusive partnership with MerchantSpring, an Australian company offering a platform that enables all-in-one marketplace management. Using SOPHOLA was founded in 2018, emerging as a consultancy with outsourcing capabilities. The firm’s key mission is to empower and revitalise Japan for the next generation which it does through support and utilisation of foreign start-up tech companies, bringing cutting edge solutions to the domestic market. Clients include advertising agencies, web developers, and others who might require marketing solutions not currently available Japan.