Global Business Awards 2023

Global Business Awards 2023 19 Aug23453 With a reach spanning from Italy across Europe, The Platinum Services has garnered quite the name for itself over the years since its inception. Having assisted in organising and curating meetings, incentives, team building activities, conferences, and a plethora of other corporate and luxury events, it has demonstrated an incredible eye for the smaller details. This, combined with its solid network of efficient business partners, sets The Platinum Services apart as a firm that truly recognises the nuances that are to be expected when planning an event. It takes all of the complications out of the equation, allowing clients to focus on where they want to hold their event, and how they would like it to unfold. The Platinum Services is a firm that has built itself around its experience. With multiple years behind it, it has managed to develop its skills in every vein – from the ways in which it plans events, to the interactions that it has with its clients. All of these intricate factors have allowed it to recognise the most reliable and effective approaches towards organising events for its clients and, as such, has opened up a wealth of opportunities. Clients needn’t worry themselves with the thought of an expensive and rushed process; with The Platinum Services, planning a corporate event has never been easier. At its heart, The Platinum Services is a firm that’s enriched with experience. It’s a qualified MICE agency that takes a personal approach to its clients, and it goes out of its way to truly understand their needs and requirements before offering a solution that’s completely tailored to them. In addition, it pursues collaboration with only the finest, high end suppliers, granting it the chance to present a wide variety of exclusive services that are simply unmatched within the region. No matter the sector, The Platinum Services is fully capable of assessing the best destination for a corporate or luxury event, and won’t be satisfied until its clients’ expectations are exceeded. Though Italy is its primary destination, The Platinum Services prides itself on its ability to adjust to every corner of the world. This is all thanks to its cohesive organisational structure and vast experience in the travel industry. Only through devoting itself to discovering the myriad of possibilities that a variety of sectors propose is it able to create the most unique and bespoke event experiences. Combined with its knack for planning strategic incentive travel programs in some of the most beautiful destinations that Italy has to offer, The Platinum Services has truly set itself apart as an agency that’s simply unlike any other within its field. The Platinum Services stands as an example of what a corporate and luxury events management firm should be. Its passion for its craft is second to none, and it’s this overwhelming dedication to truly understanding its clients that gives it a unique edge within the sector. As such, The Platinum Services has come to make quite the impression on Italy’s travel industry. We’re confident that, as time passes, The Platinum Services will come to be known worldwide for its impeccable, unmatched services. Contact: Loredana Chiappini Company: The Platinum Services Web Address: Best Luxury Event & Destination Management Firm 2023 - Italy Founded in 2016, The Platinum Services has since established itself as Italy’s go-to firm for any event and destination need. Specialising in corporate and luxury events, The Platinum Services utilises its reputation for curating authentic travel experiences to assist a myriad of clients. Whether it’s supporting clients from its main office in Rome, or from its Milan-based ancillary location, The Platinum Services is equipped to help companies and individuals alike to select the perfect destination for their upcoming events.