Global Business Awards 2023

Global Business Awards 2023 27 Sep23287 When searching for comprehensive disability care, nobody should ever have to settle for second best. On the contrary, everyone should be entitled to hands-on, compassionate assistance that’s born from an unapologetic desire to help. As such, The Disability Company sought to become exactly this for the people of Victoria. Now renowned throughout Australia for its avid dedication to providing care to a myriad of clients with a variety of disabilities, The Disability Company has become a shining example of what the standard should be within the disability care field. Five years ago, founder and director Dylan – a support worker who knew the craft inside out – recognised areas for improvement. Following his experience, it had become abundantly clear that there was an overwhelming outcry for higher quality disability care, so he set out to start making a real difference. And how did this difference manifest? Through the creation of The Disability Company – a collective that is wholly focused on delivering personal quality care to clients with varying disabilities, all whilst assisting them in achieving a holistic lifestyle. With an eye on attempting to grow into a big business with a small business mindset, The Disability Company has become the go-to for top quality service and care. Enhancing quality of life is where The Disability Company thrives, and it’s a trait that extends beyond clients alone. Through the process of honing its practises over the past five years, the collective has conquered the art of promoting an unwavering sense of quality throughout its work, whilst also ensuring the wellbeing of its team and support workers. Only through a healthy working environment can one provide the proper care and attention that’s required by clients with a diverse range of disabilities, and The Disability Company has long since recognised this truth. As such, its commitment to care doesn’t simply end with clients, but instead encompasses each individual involved in the journey. As expressed by The Disability Company – “Every action we take, we always endeavour to have our core values in mind, and we try not to be ‘reactive’. When a situation arises, rather than becoming ‘reactive’, the team begins with a discussion and ensures that any action or outcome reflects our purpose and our mission.”. This thorough and transparent internal structure serves as the backbone of the collective, as it’s this very mindset that has allowed it to build such solid foundations. Keeping itself aligned with its core goals is paramount – only then is it able to deliver empathydriven services that truly seek to uplift and empower those with disabilities. The Disability Company further reinforces this approach through its passionate, driven words. When discussing its practises with us, it had this to say – “We are a disability company, we help care for people that are afflicted from conditions such as disability and mental health. Therefore, we always take great care to be empathic and show compassion in our dealing with others.”. As a direct result of its nature, The Disability Company is a collective that truly understands the meaning of caring for your fellow person, and is always going above and beyond to encourage others to do the same. As such, its work isn’t just invaluable to the sector within which it operates, but to the surrounding community as a whole. Every person matters, whether they have a disability or not. In The Disability Company’s eyes, we are all equal, and ensuring that those who may not feel as such recognise this is paramount. Whether this manifests through its respite care, or through its frequent assistance with a variety of disability communities, The Disability Company represents an admirable drive to do the right thing for the people that need it the most. Compassion is the cornerstone of this incredible collective, and we’re sure that this quality will continue to persist as long as The Disability Company may live. Contact Details Contact: Dylan Maliepaard Company: The Disability Company Web Address: Best Respite Care Provider 2023 - Victoria