Global Business Awards 2023

Sep23050 China Global Sourcing is a fully managed end-to-end sourcing solution for businesses looking to set up supply chains, manufacture, and import from China. The business has been sourcing and manufacturing products in China since back in 2015 and shipping them to clients worldwide. Growth has been achieved by opening offices in key locations such as Switzerland, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom, with further locations on the horizon. Through the creation of numerous strategic partnerships with clients, as well as lasting relationships with Chinese manufacturers and logistics partners, versatile networks and supply chains exist which are adaptable, reliable, and efficient. Today, China Global Sourcing is a vital and trusted asset for clients around the world, who rely on the company to source, manufacture, and supply in one easy end-to-end sourcing solution that acts as a one-stop shop. Founded in Australia under the name MyShipper, the business made national headlines for providing exceptional B2B manufacturing services for small and medium sized business, with goods being imported from China. With the business taking off in 2016, offices were opened in Zurich and London, as well as relocating staff from Australia to work in the company’s China office. 2017 saw operations moving from a small building in Nanzhou to an office high up in the Fuli Yinglong Plaza skyscraper, based in the heart of the Guangzhou mega metropolis. The following year, MyShipper saw a rebrand to China Global Sourcing (CGS), and opened a new global headquarters in Central, the business district of Hong Kong. Complete with a new brand and expanding portfolio of clients and products, CGS again relocated in 2019, this time to the GT Plaza building, which is used by global brands such as PWC, KPMG, and Proctor & Gamble, as well as being home to some of China’s largest companies. 2020 of course brought the Covid-19 pandemic, and CGS signed a contract with the UK Government’s Department of Health & Social Care to supply approximately 11,000,000 units of PPE to frontline NHS workers, saving countless lives in the process. The company was also awarded Best International Leaders for Sourcing & Manufacturing by SME News Greater London Enterprise Awards, an award which it would win the following year in 2021, in addition to receiving the Corporate Vision Global Business Award for Best End to End China Sourcing Business. With such rapid growth in a few short years, and several accolades to reinforce the success, CGS is representative of a clever, wellimplemented business plan that has gone from strength to strength. CGS covers a wide range of products and industries to cater to an array of needs, these are inclusive of large-scale manufacturing, prototype, custom designed sample, or branded products, with the team able to source the correct supplier for any need and manage the whole process from enquiry to delivery. A range of on-site factory audits and inspections are carried out to assess supplier capabilities, production lines, practices, materials, products and certifications, ensuring every element of production is up to scratch and providing of the highest quality service. The same goes for quality control, with all quality control checks carried out on-site, including sample inspections, production quality control, and pre-shipment inspections, in order to eliminate any possible defective units. Once these processes are complete, CGS provides worldwide airfreight and container shipping, even going through the steps of arranging certification and customs clearance at the destination port for onward delivery, further streamlining the service. CGS is a proud member of the British Chamber of Commerce in China, which allows connection with businesses from across the world through a variety of events, exhibitions, and meetings. Here, ideas are traded, industry insights provided, and trade partnerships created with like-minded companies possessing similar goals, as well as offering a range of different services from overseas companies who are also working in China. Furthermore, CGS is committed to benefiting the planet and reducing its CO2 footprint and impact on the environment. The company demonstrably supports sustainable causes such as One Tree Planted and the WWF. Through the supporting of such crucial organisations, CGS helps to offset the footprint that is caused in the manufacturing process and through the shipping of goods by sea and air. If there was not already enough of a reason to check out CGS, the work they do in preserving the planet should tip the scales, with a great all-round service and proven tack record, the company is sure to thrive well into the future. Contact Details Company: China Global Sourcing Email: [email protected] Website: Best Chinese Product Sourcing Specialists 2023 - UK