Global Business Awards 2023

Global Business Awards 2023 29 Aug23484 Though some may argue that events only serve the purpose of providing businesses with branding opportunities, The Magnet Group instead views events as they are – a place to enjoy oneself whilst offering an unforgettable experience. As such, it set out to make a difference within the events industry, and has been making waves for over two decades within its field. Through providing experiential events, The Magnet Group promises a process that is centered around its clients’ success, and, below, we take a closer look. Beginning operations in 2001, The Magnet Group has always prided itself on its ability to consistently produce excellence time and time again. It’s this knack for brilliance that has allowed it to maintain the clients that it met with over two decades ago, and it’s what’s assisted it in forging some of the best events that Malaysia has seen in recent years. Whether a client hails from the property, banking, FMCG, retail, or manufacturing industries, The Magnet Group has worked alongside major players to herald fantastic results. To The Magnet Group, events are more than just a branding opportunity. Instead, it takes a more personal approach, viewing events through the lens of an experience to be had, as opposed to acting as a means to an end. It’s this nature that has secured its necessity within the industry – clients far and wide have long since recognised how crucial The Magnet Group’s services are, and seek to enlist said services when in need of event management assistance. Of course, The Magnet Group doesn’t take this loyalty for granted, and offers a myriad of promises to each individual that it partners alongside. Firstly, and arguably most importantly, The Magnet Group guarantees mutual trust and respect between itself and its clients. It goes above and beyond to earn the trust that it needs to help companies excel, and has shaped its expertise and work attitude to attain a level of respect between parties that’s truly admirable. This, partnered with its willingness to take ownership of a situation, coalesces in a company that can easily see the bigger picture. The Magnet Group is a master of believing in its clients, and is willing to do whatever it takes to make every event a fulfilment of a company’s needs and aspirations. In addition, The Magnet Group unsurprisingly adheres to an unmatched standard within the industry. It strongly believes that, in order to garner success, you must elevate others to make it happen. Reaping what you sow is a sentiment that The Magnet Group is incredibly conscious of and, as such, it will only ever offer the best solutions that are crafted to the highest standard of quality. Furthermore, The Magnet Group is determined to present all of these qualities whilst remaining mindful of cost measures, allowing it to tailor itself accordingly, regardless of request or budget. The Magnet Group is an agile group that is always searching for new, innovative ways to plan events that are best suited to its clients. It understands that no two businesses are alike, resulting in an eagerness to express the individuality of each client through detailed, attentive means. Combine this with an overwhelming passion for its craft, and you’ve got an event and planning company that truly recognises the effort that must go into forging an unforgettable event for every participating party. The success of its clients comes first and foremost, and The Magnet Group is determined to prove it through any means necessary. To The Magnet Group, it’s becoming increasingly important for clients to realise that there are event management companies that wholly understand the intricacies that partner the profession. Its vast experience within the industry, accompanied by its in-house audio visual, design, and technical team allows it to not only plan events, but to create unapologetic showstoppers. Only once a client is satisfied with the outcome of an event will The Magnet Group rest. Only then has it done its job. Only then can it continue on to the next event. Contact: Leticia Hsu Company: The Magnet Group Sdn Bhd Web Address: Best Events Management & Planning Company 2023 - Malaysia