Global Business Awards 2023

Global Business Awards 2023 31 Aug23168 As an ethical and sustainable investment firm, SSV Capital Ltd. aims to build a better tomorrow by investing in the high-growth sectors of banking fintech, funds, and real estate. The business aims to develop effective investment strategies to maximise wealth creation. With a finely tuned intuition for industry trends, SSV Capital Ltd. strives to secure successful financial futures for its investors and the world in general. Based in London’s financial district of Canary Wharf, SSV Capital is a disruptive, multi-class asset manager. Its mission is to build a strong investment portfolio of disruptive companies to drive sustainable returns. Although the company is at a growth stage, SSV Capital employs a team of experienced professionals with a wealth of industry knowledge. The business is dedicated to providing its clients with the best possible investment experience. Its focus on disruptive sectors gives the business a unique advantage in the market with the potential for significant returns. Disruptive sectors are those that change the way we live and work. They use technology to provide innovative solutions. For example, the fintech industry uses technology to make transactions simpler, cheaper, and faster. SSV Capital has a dedicated team of analysts in these sectors who consistently seek new trends and opportunities for investors. The disruptive sectors have seen continued growth and are often valued at high multiples of their earnings. These industries have untapped potential for substantial capital gains for clients. SSV Capital strives to build relationships with its clients, collaborating with them to develop tailored investment strategies that meet their specific needs. The business clearly communicates with clients to convey its philosophy, approach, actions, and results. SSV Capital provides its clientele with regular updates on their investments. Through listening to clients’ needs and goals, SSV Capital fosters mutually beneficial relationships that establish trust and result in the best possible investment experience. The company’s underlying values of integrity, transparency, and innovation provide a strong foundation for building long-term relationships with clients and partners. Following its triple ‘P’ guideline of People, Planet, and Prosperity, SSV Capital aims to support businesses and industries to maximise the positive impact of its investments. It is important to the firm that its investments are used to contribute to advancements in social, environmental, and governance practices. SSV Capital believes in giving back to the community and supports numerous charitable organisations. The business drives growth by investing in its people and new technology. The company closely monitors the latest industry developments to find new trends and opportunities. By applying a reliable research methodology, its team of highly skilled specialists can successfully identify investment candidates. At SSV Capital, the goal is to achieve excellence in investing. Although the business aims for significant returns, it prioritises the protection of capital and superior performance during bad financial periods. SSV Capital refuses to prosper by cost-cutting and profiting without performance. The company believes that earnings growth should only be driven by excellence in investing. SSV Capital will continue to build its brand and reputation, with plans to expand into new markets in the future. The business is excited to further its work with the disruptive sectors that are changing the world. In the remainder of 2023, SSV Capital plans to launch sustainable funds focusing on Proptech and Fintech and soft launch both Fintech and PropTech platforms. Through fostering collaborative business relationships and technological innovation, SSV Capital aims to create secure financial futures for its investors. For its commitment to exceptional client service and sustainable investment, SSV Capital has received this year’s award for the Best MultiClass Asset Management Company – London. - What the business does/services it offers SSV Capital Ltd. offers multi-class asset management services with a focus on ethical and sustainable investments. They aim to build a diversified portfolio in disruptive sectors, such as banking fintech, funds, and real estate. Their services include investment management, customized investment strategies, and regular client communication. - USPs, what makes the company stand out? SSV Capital stands out through its strong focus on disruptive sectors, which have the potential for significant returns. The company is committed to ethical and sustainable investments, appealing to clients interested in positive social and environmental impacts. They provide personalized investment strategies and maintain transparent communication with clients. SSV Capital invests in its team and technology to identify emerging industry trends and potential investment candidates. Their philosophy prioritizes excellence in investing over profit through cost-cutting. - Are there any industry trends or challenges that the business has impacted/overcome? The company has impacted the industry by emphasizing ethical and sustainable investments, aligning with the growing trend of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investing. They have overcome the challenge of delivering sustainable returns while staying true to their ethical principles by focusing on disruptive sectors and providing tailored investment strategies. - Anything else you feel might be relevant to mention – to really showcase the work of the company. SSV Capital’s commitment to the triple ‘P’ guideline of People, Planet, and Prosperity, along with their support for charitable organizations, underscores their dedication to making a positive impact on society and the environment. Their plans for expansion and innovation demonstrate a forward-thinking approach to asset management. - Are there any plans for the future? SSV Capital plans to expand into new markets and continue working with disruptive sectors. They intend to launch sustainable funds focusing on Proptech and Fintech and soft launch both Fintech and PropTech platforms in the near future. - Summarise why the business has won an award/lasting impression. SSV Capital Ltd. has won the award for the Best Multi-Class Asset Management Company in London due to its unwavering commitment to client service, ethical and sustainable investments, and its focus on disruptive sectors. Their dedication to excellence in investing, along with their plans for expansion and innovation, has left a lasting impression in the financial industry, making them a standout choice for the award. Best Multi-Class Asset Management Company 2023 - London Contact: Ankur Ghosh Company: SSV Capital Ltd Web Address: