Global Business Awards 2023

Aug23328 A proud supplier of high-quality artificial turf and synthetic grass, Genesis Turf has grown to become a global leader in superior artificial turf solutions. The brand offers unmatched realism built on breakthrough technology and represents the highest quality and craftsmanship in the artificial turf industry. Genesis Turf aims to provide its customers with the finest product and exceptional customer service while continuing to develop industry-leading, eco-friendly artificial turf systems. Since the 1980s, the business’s line of artificial turf products has been manufactured and distributed around the world. Genesis Turf’s artificial turf and synthetic grass systems now include landscape, playgrounds, pet areas, commercial areas, and sports facilities. The company supplies its first-rate products to the US military, various US colleges, the Discovery Channel, the city of Miami, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and a growing number of dedicated homeowners across the US. Genesis Turf offers an industry first with its innovative artificial turf system. The system includes preparation of the ground to ensure an optimal drainage base. The infill used is 100% organic and exceeds all 50 US states’ requirements. The result is a fully recyclable and partially organic system that requires little to no maintenance and comes with an industry-leading fifteen-year warranty and a two-year install warranty. The lawn is designed to be long-lasting, with most products having a projected lifespan of over twenty years under normal use. Offering products custom-tailored for each individual application, Genesis Turf understands that the installation process is unique. From thorough base preparation to professional cutting, seaming, and proper securing, synthetic grass installers take projects one step at a time to produce a beautiful result every time. Its entire team has a minimum of fifteen years of experience in the artificial turf industry and carries multiple certifications. The company uses custom software to produce digital layouts for customers to help them visualise their project prior to installation. Install crews are able to work more effectively by referring to these designs. The lead-free artificial turf is safe for both humans and animals, making the product ideal for residential and commercial applications. It is soft, safe, and available in a variety of styles to match surrounding indigenous grasses. Genesis Turf is designed to reduce allergies, conserve water, and eliminate the need for harmful chemicals, pesticides, and fertilisers. The company is committed to the environment and ensures that its products pass vigorous tests to exceed government standards while remaining 100% recyclable. The firm is dedicated to practicing Christian business principles, pledging to treat customers with respect, operate with honesty, and foster reliability in its services. Genesis Turf aims to fulfil simple core values, offering customers the highest quality product and putting their needs first every time. The brand does not view itself as a low-cost provider, refusing to cut corners and priding itself on producing the high durability artificial turf with an industry-leading quality control program. By choosing Genesis Turf, customers are guaranteed the best value for money from the most respected name brand in the industry. Ever since the pandemic, the artificial turf sector has turned its focus to turf with antimicrobial properties. Genesis Turf was the first company to develop an entirely antimicrobial turf system, Genesis Bio Clean, for sports facilities, playgrounds, commercial areas, and residential use. It is designed to eliminate COVID-19, viruses, bacteria, mould, and fungi from artificial turf surfaces. The result is a completely disinfected and deodorised surface that is human, animal, and environmentally friendly. Genesis Turf aims to continue evolving with plans to create more plantbased and easily recyclable products. Its industry-leading warranties will also be extended in length for the benefit of its dedicated client base. The business prides itself on its groundbreaking developments in the artificial turf industry, and we are excited to see what new innovations Genesis Turf will deliver in the future. Contact Details Contact: Lee Rummage Company: Genesis Turf Inc. Web Address: Best Artificial Turf Business 2023 - USA