Global Business Awards 2023

Aug23396 Since 2005, HIRSCHTEC has been specialised in digitalising internal communication and working in collaboration with its clients to shape the hybrid world of work. The business provides its clients with a single source for its digital workplace needs, introducing companies to the digital landscape and helping them to develop hybrid collaboration. HIRSCHTEC is a trusted partner for companies in their transformation to the hybrid working world, contributing positively to the industry with its sustainable practices. With offices in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Vienna, and Zurich, HIRSCHTEC employs local consultants with years of international expertise experience. Its team of over 120 dedicated workers support B2B and B2C companies of all sizes to navigate the digital working world. From introducing companies to intranets and digital workplaces to supporting the development of spatial concepts for hybrid collaboration, HIRSCHTEC has been integral in the implementation of more than 600 intranet and workplace projects for six million users. The digital agency has been honoured with several national and international awards for its innovative strength, including the Le Fonti ‘Excellence of the Year’ Award and the INKOMETA Award. The Internet Agency Ranking has named HIRSCHTEC one of the 50 largest digital agencies in Germany for four years in a row. With a 95 % customer recommendation rate and 1.7 satisfaction score, clients consistently praise HIRSCHTEC’s achievement of project goals, cooperation, and adherence to deadlines. For HIRSCHTEC, shaping the hybrid working world means taking five levels into account: leadership, automation, communication, collaboration, and office spaces. The company aims to inspire its clients to create a management team that fosters a digital mindset with a clear path for change and digital leadership. The business’ approach to automation enables clients to save costs and work more efficiently by digitalising their workflows. With the introduction and development of modern intranets and employee apps, HIRSCHTEC helps its clients connect their employees, to drive engagement among these and to optimize the internal communication. The agency also supports companies in organising their tool landscape to provide their employees with a more productive, digital workplace. Furthermore, HIRSCHTEC is at the companies’ site as a partner when it comes to designing offices where employees can feel at home and which correspond to the clients’ specific hybrid work models. HIRSCHTEC offers both its own employees and clients a hybrid working environment and is able to adapt its solutions to fit clients’ specific needs, allowing them to work and communicate with ease. Always in focus: employees shall be able to participate and fully engage in the development of their organisation. The company’s working environment is based on mutual trust and transparent communication. Furthermore, HIRSCHTEC adapts its agile practices with new technologies and aims to continuously improve its internal processes and external project work. The most prominent service of HIRSCHTEC is the introduction of intranets and digital workplaces and its further development. As a renowned expert in the field of intranet and digital workplace, the business has most recently established itself as a trusted partner for companies in designing their hybrid working environments. HIRSCHTEC has focused on the development and marketing of new digital services, concentrating on automation and streamlining communication for clients and their employees. Moreover, HIRSCHTEC Analytics, a cloud-based online tool, allows clients to measure the success of their digital workplace by presenting key intranet and digital workplace figures. The dashboard also displays recommendations for communications, training, and optimisation measures. HIRSCHTEC has become an important partner for companies in their transformation to the hybrid working world through its holistic thinking and focus on its five levels: leadership, automation, communication, collaboration, and office spaces. So the company is set to become an industry leader in the integration of digital and hybrid solutions and aims to provide its innovative, sustainable solutions to many more companies in the near future. Contact: Lutz Hirsch Company: HIRSCHTEC Web Address: IT Consultancy of the Year 2023 - Germany